Notice Regarding Termination of FSC-Certified Mark on
Certain Types of Paper for Copy Machines/Printers

July 10, 2008

TOKYO, July 10, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. announces the termination of FSC certificationNote labelling for certain types of paper for copy machines/printers, beginning with products manufactured in July 2008 and thereafter.

Fuji Xerox stipulates the sale and use of environmentally friendly paper only in all of its business activities in line with its Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements for Paper Procurement formulated in 2004. As part of these efforts, the company has been proactive in its use of FSC-certified raw materials, labelling the FSC-certified mark on its products authenticated by the certification authority.

However, it has become difficult to ensure a continuous stable supply of FSC-certified products due to problems in securing a sufficient level of FSC-certified raw materials. Coupled with this, the assessment procedure for FSC standards changed in January this year (effective in July), forcing a review of the scope of FSC-certified products. As a result, Fuji Xerox has to terminate use of the labelling on some of its products.

The existence or non-existence of FSC labelling has no impact on product quality in terms of paper handling and image quality. In addition, Fuji Xerox will keep using raw materials that are kind to the environment based on its Requirements for Paper Procurement, and as such, customers can continue to use Fuji Xerox products without any concerns.

In accord with a company-wide environmental policy, Fuji Xerox provides quality-oriented, environmentally friendly products.

Products to cease using FSC labeling: V-paper, V-paper MG, P thick paper, CP, high-quality PPC paper, N color, JD coat, N color envelopes, SX55, SX60 (V-paper and high-quality PPC paper terminated labelling of the FSC mark before July.)

Products to continue using FSC labeling: C2, FR, SP, J, JW

FSC certification is a forest certification system by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) established in 1993 with the aims of eliminating environmental destruction caused by illegal deforestation and trading, as well as securing timber while protecting forests.
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