Fuji Xerox Launches A0-Capable Monochrome Digital
Multifunction Device to Meet Color Digitization Needs
in Engineering Market

DocuWide 6055 Series and DocuScan C1500Enhance Security Measures When Printing Large Drawings

October 29, 2008

TOKYO, October 29, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has developed A0-capable digital multifunction devices and a color scanner for the engineering market; DocuWide 6055MF, which efficiently copies and digitizes paper drawings as well as prints wide-format documents, DocuWide 6055 exclusively for printing, and DocuScan C1500 exclusively for scanning. Sales will begin on November 20, 2008.

DocuWide 6055MF

DocuScan C1500

It is common in the management process of technical drawings in the manufacturing industry, construction and civil engineering industry as well as facility operations at public offices, to color-code drawings by hand in order to emphasize the revised parts of the design. Therefore, the need for color scanning function has been increasing. By scanning the drawing in color, it is easier to see which parts have been changed, resulting in higher business efficiency.

Furthermore, there have been increasing calls for security functions as a means to prevent important designs from being leaked, with requirements for a security level rivaling office multifunction devices such as giving output right to certain members and deterring replication of confidential drawings.

A special feature of DocuWide 6055MFNote 1 and DocuScan C1500 is saturation adjustment by colorsNote 2, which highlights where the user wants to emphasize, even colored parts by changing the color’s saturation. In addition, the devices can adjust darkness of colors ensuring that the drawing’s highlighted parts in color stand out even when the drawing is scanned in monochrome.

Further, various security functions have been incorporated to prevent important, confidential designs from being leaked or illegally copied. These include ID authentication and IC card authentication to restrict users, printing a specific letter string such as “copying prohibited” in the background of the entire copy, and printing user registration numberNote 3.

Fuji Xerox will continue responding flexibly to various needs of the engineering market including efficient drawing management, digitization and security services.

Note 1
Color scanning function with DocuWide 6055MF is optional.
Note 2
DocuScan C1500 requires USB TWAIN driver or DW-Scan3 Service (option).
Note 3
Can be used only when authentication function is employed.

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