Fuji Xerox Contributes to Office Energy Savings
With New Eco-Friendly Printers

DocuPrint C3360 and DocuPrint C2110 Coming Next Month

November 17, 2008

TOKYO, November 17, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. will launch two color printers that help business offices lower the environmental impact. The A3-capable DocuPrint C3360 and the A4-capable DocuPrint C2110 will be marketed from December 19 and December 24 respectively.

DocuPrint C3360

DocuPrint C2110

Recent full-swing approaches aimed at preventing global warming have been prompting the interest in energy conservation leading to cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. In line with this movement, the key parameters for introducing office equipment are no longer limited to improved productivity, cost cutting, strengthened security and other conventional needs; energy-conservation performance is also emerging as a key indicator. These two new printers have been engineered to address such market needs with improvements in energy-savings, which contribute to lowering the environmental impact at offices.

Top-Class Energy-Efficient Performance

The DocuPrint C3360, a printer with 35-ppm output speedNote 1 in both color and monochrome that can also excel as an office main machine, features an “International Energy Star Program” compatibility standard TEC valueNote 2 of 2.45 kilowatt-hour per week – about 69 percent lower than the conventional modelNote 3. This represents top-class energy-saving performance among A3-capable color page printersNote 4.

The DocuPrint C2110, a compact-size, lightweightNote 5 printer suited for shared use in small- to medium-sized offices or desktop installation, delivers a TEC valueNote 2 of 1.46 kilowatt-hour per week – down 40 percent compared to the conventional modelNote 6. Both printers are designed to respond to a wide range of printing needs while achieving major cuts in electricity consumption, thereby contributing to energy savings in offices with no sacrifice in business efficiency.

Moreover, the DocuPrint C3360 employs biomass plastic for which plant-derived components comprise more than 30 percent by weight, lead-free shafts, as well as halogen-free resin materials, which contributes to reduction in consumption of exhaustible resources, carbon dioxide emissions at the manufacturing stage and hazardous substances, along with other thorough considerations taken for the environment.

Diversified Security Functions

The DocuPrint C3360 is equipped with a platformNote 7 shared with the Fuji Xerox ApeosPort series of multifunction devices, achieving an integrated document output control environment that enables major security features including information leak countermeasures and output controls by IC card authentication output to help prevent documents from being left at a printer, print log management as well as paper security functions.

Note 1
A4 long-edge feed, continuous printing of an identical document (plain paper).
Note 2
Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) – The “International Energy Star Program” compatibility standard of the Energy Conservation Center, Japan. Amount of power consumed over a conceptual week (five days of operation and sleep/off repeated + two days of sleep/off).
Note 3
DocuPrint C3140. Power consumption at sleep mode = 8W. TEC value = 7.88kWh/week.
Note 4
30 to 35-ppm color output class. As of November 17, 2008.
Note 5
Width 400mm×depth 457mm×height 416mm. Weight 19kg (including consumables).
Note 6
DocuPrint C525A. TEC value = 2.42kWh/week.
Note 7
Refers to the controller and the software used to run it.

List Price

Product NameList Price (before tax)
DocuPrint C3360 298,000 yen
DocuPrint C2110 89,800 yen

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