Fuji Xerox Honored With Silver Prize From
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for Contributions
to Product Safety

In Recognition of Fuji Xerox’s Rigorous Product Safety Measures

November 18, 2008

TOKYO, November 18, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. won the Silver Prize in the Large Manufacturer and Importer Category of Fiscal 2008 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Awards for Best Contributors to Product Safety, which was announced by METI on November 17, 2008.

These awards were commenced in 2007 with the purpose of raising corporate awareness of the issues involved with product safety, firmly establishing a product safety culture that stresses the importance of product safety throughout all areas of business activity and consumer lifestyles, thereby contributing to realizing a safer and more secure society where product safety is upheld on a sustained and evolving basis. The main criteria includes: (1) Safety competence; (2) Response competence - the ability to effectively deal with accidents or other troubles; (3) Communication competence - capability to obtain and supply key intelligence smoothly; (4) Personnel competence; and (5) Sustainability competence.

Within the METI evaluations, Fuji Xerox received stellar marks for the following types of ongoing corporate activities.

  1. The basic product design philosophy of zero major accidents: Learning from past product accidentsNote, Fuji Xerox established the design concept of realizing zero accidents involving smoke generation or more serious conditions, and advances product safety management systems rooted in that principle.
  2. Formulating rigorous design standards: Based on the policy of preventing serious accidents, firm steps are taken to anticipate the nature and details of safety standards currently under discussion, with the design division seizing the initiative in establishing design criteria even more demanding than the standards.
  3. Product Safety Forum: Fuji Xerox from this year has begun to convene a Product Safety Forum to address the need to prevent safety enlightenment activities from becoming stereotyped and routine, while fostering renewed awareness of the importance of safety.

The METI Minister Awards ceremony was held on Monday November 17 in Tokyo, with Fuji Xerox Corporate Vice President Yoshiaki Takahashi on hand to receive the Silver Prize honor. Companies receiving these awards are authorized to use the logo to demonstrate corporate excellence in product safety countermeasures for a total of two years (in this case, through March 2010).

METI Minister Awards website: http://www.ps-award.jp/ open new window (only in Japanese)

Due to a September 2002 accident in which a printer developed and manufactured by Fuji Xerox caught on fire, the Company carried out gratis part replacements targeting approximately 260,000 printers.