Fuji Xerox Launches beat/entry Service,
Outsourcing Service for Low-Cost, High-Advanced IT
Management at Small-Scale Business Establishments

Building Up Solutions to Improve Office Efficiency

November 19, 2008

Tokyo, November 19, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will begin sales of beat/entry Service on December 10, a new outsourcing service engineered to support low-cost, high-advanced IT management serving needs of smaller scale business establishments.

To sustain healthy corporate development while staying abreast of the fierce changes in the business environment in recent years, companies are constantly moving to raise productivity, cut costs, and information technology (IT) plays a critical role in this process. The introduction of IT is picking up steam at small- and medium-sized enterprises as well, although the majority of them are facing issues of being unable to secure the investment capital and human resources necessary to make satisfactory progress on that front.

Taking note of this situation, Fuji Xerox will supply new beat/entry Service as a secure network infrastructure to support moves by small-and medium-sized enterprises to achieve greater business efficiency in their office operations, and helps them bolster and manage their IT environments.

The beat/entry Service is designed for customers operating independent business establishments with up to about 30 employees. The service will provide total support for their IT environments – ranging from operations management for safe network maintenance to advanced security countermeasures and means of grasping the use status of multifunction devices and printers connected to the network.

Targeting enterprises with multiple business establishments as well as medium- and small-scale businesses, Fuji Xerox launched the beat/basic Service in October 2002 as an outsourcing service to support IT management. The service also provides full range of support functions including 24-hour/year-round remote monitoring, troubleshooting through a contact center, and onsite maintenance. The new beat/entry Service is bundled only with the functions necessary for the needs of customers with even smaller independent business operations, while maintaining the security features and the support system of the beat/basic Service. Hence, this new offshoot will be available for reasonable use fees starting at 8,800 yen per month.

By opting for this new service, customers will enjoy a safe network environment, together with enriched support system, where they can exchange information with their vendors and customers with peace of mind. Furthermore, for the IT environments strengthened with this service, Fuji Xerox plans to offer a steady stream of new business solutions to achieve greater efficiency in an ever-expanding range of office operations.

Standard Price

Service Name Initial Fee Monthly Charge
beat/entry Service Initial registration service:
20,000 yen/installation
8,800 yen/month

beat/entry Service Profile