Fuji Xerox Bolsters Security Functions
to Deter Information Leaks
in Mission-Critical Operations Output

With Marketing of New Monochrome Printers DocuPrint 4050 and DocuPrint 5060/4060

November 26, 2008

TOKYO, November 26, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch three A3-capable monochrome printers engineered to support mission-critical operations output. The DocuPrint 5060/4060 models and the DocuPrint 4050 will be marketed from December 12 and January 19 respectively.

DocuPrint 4050

DocuPrint 5060

Although the proliferation of information technology in recent years has helped improve user convenience, this progress has also raised the risk of information leaks. The downside includes frequent occurrences of inadvertent information disclosures not only in the electronic data domain, but also through the print media. With these new printers, Fuji Xerox strengthens security functions over previous modelsNote 1, thereby deterring information leaks in mission-critical operations at government offices and private companies that output large volumes of forms and other important documents.

Diversified Security Functions

Incorporating a common platform as the Fuji Xerox ApeosPort series of multifunction devicesNote 2, the new printers are the first monochrome DocuPrint series equipped with information-leak countermeasures and output controls that function under the same management environment as the multifunction devicesNote 3. Specifically, the security features include IC card authentication output to help prevent confidential documents from being left at a printerNote 4, compilation and control of document image logsNote 5, use status managementNote 6, inlaid printing of secure watermarkNote 5 and Hidden Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) markNote 5, and other functions that expand the capacity to curb and preventNote 7 information leaks. The rich range of security on these printers also extends to machine authentication when connected to networksNote 8 encryption when sending and receiving dataNote 9, and other diversified protection functions.

High Productivity to Meet Mass Printing Needs

The DocuPrint 4050, a printer ideal for desktop installation, features output speed of 44 ppmNote 10, handling of five paper sizes maximumNote 11 and high-capacity supply of 2,400 sheetsNote 12. The DocuPrint 5060/4060 models, which support post-printing with an optional finisherNote 13, furnish 55 and 45 ppmNote 10 output speeds respectively, handling of six paper sizes maximumNote 14 and high-capacity supply of 5,100 sheetsNote 15. Thus, all of these new models are capable of responding to the large-volume output demands of mission-critical operations.

Note 1
The previous model for the DocuPrint 4050 is the DocuPrint 360, and for the DocuPrint 5060/4060, the DocuPrint 505/405.
Note 2
Refers to a controller and the software used to run it.
Note 3
Limited to certain models.
Note 4
Requires the separately available IC Card Gate 2 product.
Note 5
Requires an optional security expansion kit, feature enhance kit and expansion system memory (256MB or more).
Note 6
Enables management of printer usage including who performed what type of job at what time, ON/Off status of the power switch, changes in settings, and other conditions. Allows log storage of up to 50 jobs as standard, and up to 15,000 jobs with the optional feature enhance kit.
Note 7
The Hidden Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) mark does not allow users to copy or scan.
Note 8
Compatible with IEEE802.1X standard, which blocks connections with unregistered devices when they are connected to the LAN.
Note 9
Compatible with IP security protocol, which enables data encryption and transmission/reception in IP packet units at the network layer level.
Note 10
A4 long-edge feed, continuous single-side printing of an identical document (plain paper).
Note 11
Possible with a standard paper tray, bypass tray and three tray module option.
Note 12
Requires three tray module option.
Note 13
Finisher C1, or Finisher C1 equipped with a 10-bin sorter.
Note 14
Possible by combining a standard paper tray, bypass tray, optional high-capacity paper cabinet, and B1 high-capacity paper tray.
Note 15
Requires adding an optional high-capacity paper cabinet and B1 high-capacity paper tray.

List Price

Product Name List Price (before tax)
DocuPrint 4050 268,000 yen
DocuPrint 5060 498,000 yen
DocuPrint 4060 438,000 yen

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