Fuji Xerox Honored With Director-General’s Prize of
METI Industrial Science and Technology Policy and
Environment Bureau at Eco-Efficiency Award 2008

Receives High Acclaim for Innovative Eco-Conscious Activities Through its Service and Solution Products

December 15, 2008

TOKYO, December 15, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. received Director-General’s Prize of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, the top honor of the Eco-Efficiency Award 2008, in recognition for its innovative eco-conscious activities through its service and solution products. The Japan Forum on Eco-Efficiency, who hosted the award, commended Fuji Xerox for the initiative at the Eco-Products 2008 on December 12.

Fuji Xerox’s award-winning activities are a series of approaches including proactive development and supply of service and solution products that balance customers’ value and effectiveness such as business productivity and the reduction of environmental burdens, as well as undertaking efforts to widen the use of these products throughout the company and beyond.

Fuji Xerox is not only engaged in efforts to reduce energy consumption of the hardware it produces, but also focuses on incorporating eco-efficiency into its service and solution products, and proposes a use of these products to its customers. Utilizing its eco-efficiency simulator, a tool designed to provide a quantitative visualization of an office’s burden on the environment, Fuji Xerox is now able to provide customers with estimations of the effectiveness of implementing its services or solutions. Furthermore, Fuji Xerox is also putting an effort into raising its employees’ level of understanding through internal training programs, as well as raising the awareness of customers by means of events, its website and mail magazines. These activities are being carried forward through collaborative efforts between various departments in the company, in accordance with the company-wide eco-efficiency indicators.

In receiving this Prize, Fuji Xerox was recognized: for its spirit of innovation in implementing the concept of eco-efficiency in its corporate activities and incorporate it in its service and solution products; for its internal structure where the company’s top management takes leadership in reducing the environmental burdens based on the eco-efficiency indicators; and for its proactive activities aimed at spreading this concept throughout the general public.

The Eco-Efficiency Award was created in 2005 with the support of METI to recognize and award those companies and organizations that achieved remarkable results in implementing eco-efficiency, as well as contributing to its spread. Eco-efficiency is starting to see use in industrial sectors as a scale to show compatibility between functions and performance of a product or financial performance of a company, and environmental burdens.

Fuji Xerox will accelerate its activities to fight global warming, contribute to the environmental management efforts of its customers, and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.