Fuji Xerox Launches Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production
System Tape Binder Model

Enables Simple Binding With Japan’s First Inline Automatic Binding Function for Monochrome High-Image-Quality Production Systems

December 15, 2008

TOKYO, December 15, 2008 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch the Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System Tape Binder ModelNote 1, which is equipped with an optional tape binder on the monochrome Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System that is already on the market. The option is Japan’s first automatic tape binding function for monochrome high-image-quality production systems. Sales will begin on February 16, 2009.

Tape binding is a low-cost method of bookbinding that is suitable for printed materials including reports, manuals and instruction booklets that are updated frequently and used only for short periods of time. This method meets needs of corporate/government printing rooms as well as printing companies for the inventory control and reduction of operational costs involved in manuals and books that require short turnaround and quick delivery.

The new tape binding function makes tape replacement easy because it uses cartridge-type hot melt adhesive tape. When used in combination with the Nuvera 144 EA main unit, it delivers speedy and efficient inline automatic binding with high image quality that rivals offset printing. In addition, it is capable of tape binding of booklets containing up to 125 pagesNote 2, a thickness that would be hard to open and close when stapled, with a neatly finished appearance and high cost performance.

The Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System enables high-speed performance of 144 ppmNote 3 for both simplex and duplex monochrome printing. The system employs EA tonerNote 4, which ensures even toner fusion and a thin toner layer because the surface of the toner generated is smooth and the particles are small and uniform. The result is unprecedented image quality and a matte-tone finish that rivals offset printing. With an output resolution of 4,800dpi-equivalent x 600dpi, the system has been praised as having the best image quality in the monochrome high-speed printer market.

The automatic tape binding function is equipped as a standard feature on the DocuTech series, monochrome on-demand publishing system, and is utilized for simple binding of manuals and other items, meeting high demands of customers in the digital printing market.

As a pioneer in production printing, Fuji Xerox will continue to contribute to customers’ business expansion by strengthening its product line-up.

Note 1
Choice of Tape Binder option setup or Basic Finisher Module dual setup available
Note 2
Using Fuji Xerox P paper
Note 3
Continuous print of A4 identical documents (long-edge feed)
Note 4
Emulsion Aggregation toner

About the Name “Nuvera”

The name “Nuvera” was coined from Latin meaning “new truth” and expresses the provisions of new levels in quality, productivity, flexibility and reliability.

List Price

Product NameList Price (before tax)
Nuvera 144 EA Digital Production System
Tape Binder Model
23,615,000 yen
Nuvera EA R9.0 System Media Set 85,000 yen

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