Fuji Xerox Receives Good Practice Special Award From the Board of Review in the Green Purchasing Award

In Recognition of Contribution to Customers' Green Procurement Through "Visualization" of Environmental Impact

November 9, 2009

TOKYO, November 9, 2009 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. received Good Practice Special Award from the Board of Review in the 11th Green Purchasing AwardNote 1, organized by the Green Purchasing Network (GPN).

In line with its mottos of "Development of Eco-Friendly Products" and "Information Provision through Visualization," Fuji Xerox visualizes environmental impact at customers' offices and offers countermeasures in a variety of areas, from equipment (hardware) to software and services, in order to contribute to their green procurement.

One of the achievements in the area of "Development of Eco-Friendly Products" is that 10 models in the color multifunction device and color printer ranges received the Director General's Prize from the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy in the 19th Energy Conservation Grand Prize for 2008 (Energy-Saving Machines and Systems category), presented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan in Feb. 2009. Fuji Xerox is the only corporation in the industry whose products have received the Prize for 10 consecutive years, since it was first awarded in 1999.

In the area of "Information Provision through Visualization," Fuji Xerox provides ways to reduce customers' costs as well as CO2 emissions by visualizing: (1) the effect of power consumption reduction by replacing copy machines and printers with the award-winning energy-saving products; (2) the effect of power consumption reduction through an optimum arrangement of multiple devices; (3) the effect of environmental impact reduction through digitalization of paper documents using software and services; and (4) the effect of environmental impact reduction across the entire document-related process.

In 1999, Fuji Xerox was awarded the Grand Prize in the 2nd Green Purchasing Award for its own eco-friendly procurement scheme.

Note 1
Green Purchasing Award is presented to organizations for their outstanding performance in promoting and practicing green procurement that places a high priority on products and services with less environmental impact. The Award is intended to encourage further efforts and to popularize green procurement by publicizing model activities.