Fuji Xerox Releases Apeos PEMaster Manual Weaver 2.0
Software to Help Produce and Manage Corporate Rule

November 27, 2009

TOKYO,November 27, 2009 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will commence sales of Apeos PEMaster Manual Weaver 2.0 on Dec. 8, software to create and manage corporate rule documents and manuals.

Many companies are under pressure to standardize their business procedures and put them in internal rule documents or manuals, in response to the requirements for incident accountability and prompt handling of onsite inspections by competent authorities. Despite these documents' increasing importance in businesses, a substantial workload is associated with such documentation as they need to be created and managed in conjunction with related laws and bylaws, and also updated on law revision.

Apeos PEMaster Manual Weaver 2.0 is designed to streamline tasks concerning rules and procedural documents, including creating and managing versions and maintaining an update history. This software will contribute to improvements in business efficiency, particularly in the finance, transportation, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, where regulations are strictly applied and frequently updated.

This software offers a range of pre-defined formats, including layouts and document structures, such as parts, chapters and sections. Users only need to input the relevant content and Apeos PEMaster Manual Weaver 2.0 will automatically generate HTML and PDF files, which can be quickly published on a company's intranet or as a printed matter. Updating the content is also straightforward-users can edit per document structure unitNote 1 such as part, chapter or section, significantly reducing the workload.

Both updates and old contents of these document structure units can be centrally managed. When any content is updated, it is automatically registered together with the relevant history, enabling users to review and compare new and old text, and to quickly present a historical record of the rules and procedures during an audit.

Further, in collaboration with Kinzai Research Institute, Ltd., Fuji Xerox, as part of its manual creation solution, offers optional application for the software, which contains templates of more than 2,200 business operations and major workflows of financial institutions. The manual creation solutionNote 2 includes pre-installation instructions on updating procedures, consultation on formulating input criteria, designing content, data transfer, as well as pre- and post-installation educational sessions.

Note 1
Each unit is stored in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format.
Note 2
The solution is subject to an independent contract.

List Prices

Main Component
Product NameList Prices
(excluding tax)
Apeos PEMaster Manual Weaver 2.0 server licenseNote 1 3,000,000 yen
Note 1
Can be installed on one PC for server-use.
Product NameList Prices
(excluding tax)
Apeos PEMaster Manual Weaver 2.0 install media 40,000 yen
Apeos PEMaster 2.0 for 10 clients access license 200,000 yen
Apeos PEMaster 2.0 for 50 clients access license 900,000 yen
Apeos PEMaster 2.0 for 250 clients access license 3,000,000 yen
Apeos PEMaster 2.0 for 1,000 clients access license 9,000,000 yen
Apeos PEMaster 2.0 for 5,000 clients access license 30,000,000 yen