Providing Higher Added Value in Applications and
Leading the Color Production Printing Market

Color 1000 Press / Color 800 Press Achieve Higher Image Quality, Productivity and Stability

December 15, 2009

TOKYO, December 15, 2009 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch the color on-demand publishing systems Color 1000 Press on January 29, 2010, and Color 800 Press in spring 2010, for the high-end professional-use in the color printing production market.

Color 1000 Press / Color 800 Press

The new systems provide advanced image quality and productivity, as well as stability and reliability, which are key to boosting the added value and expanding scope of applications in variable printing.

By leveraging digital printing, it is possible to deliver added value to applications used in a variety of communications aiming at strengthening relationship - corporate marketing, IR activities targeting stakeholders including shareholders, and municipalities' communication with local residents. Variable printing can customize and increase added value of sales promotion tools as well as publications, including catalogs, direct promotional mails, flyers, labels, packages, photo books and more.

Expressive high image quality

Color 1000 Press / Color 800 Press are the first high-end printers to employ the Emulsion Aggregation-Eco Toner, or EA-Eco Toner, renowned for its advanced image quality. Additionally, the newly developed Clear TonerNote 1 adds specialty to application design such as glossy finish and watermark printing. Furthermore, together with a newly developed belt roll fuser, which is capable of maintaining stable fusing temperature even during high-speed printing, the range of printable colors has been expanded, adding extra expressiveness to printouts.

Expanded paper handling for higher productivity

The new systems have employed newly developed full-color tandem engine and large diameter seamless intermediate transfer belt to achieve high-speed full-color output of 100 pages per minute (Color 1000 Press) or 80 pages per minute (Color 800 Press) at paper of all weights ranging from 55 to 350 grams per square meter. They improve overall productivity without changing print speed by the weight of paper. With a broader range of paper handling, Color 1000 Press / Color 800 Press can handle applications that conventional digital printing could not deliver.

Stable quality and productivity for higher reliability

Color 1000 Press / Color 800 Press feature a new long-life overcoat photoreceptor, which has special surface coating to dramatically improve wear and damage resistance. The aforementioned large diameter seamless intermediate transfer belt delivers stable image quality and extended service life. These photoreceptor and belt serve twiceNote 2 as long as Fuji Xerox's previous model, resulting in higher reliability in addition to providing high image quality and productivity.

Fuji Xerox continues to reinforce its product lineup as the pioneer of production printing, so as to contribute to customers' business expansion.

Note 1
Option for Color 1000 Press
Note 2
In comparison with DocuColor 8000AP Digital Press

List Prices

Main unit
Product NameSuggested retail price
(excluding tax)
Color 1000 Press (PX1000 Print Server model) 45,000,000 yen
Color 800 Press (PX1000 Print Server model) 35,000,000 yen
Product NameSuggested retail price
(excluding tax)
Toner cartridge (black) 40,000 yen
Toner cartridge (cyan and yellow) 44,000 yen each
Toner cartridge (magenta) 41,000 yen
Toner cartridge (clear) 66,000 yen

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