Fuji Xerox to Deliver Business Process Outsourcing Services for
Non-Life Insurance Industry

Enhancing Business Efficiency, Lowering Costs, and Compliant With the New Insurance Act

December 17, 2009

TOKYO, December 17, 2009 — Fuji Xerox's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services have now geared up to full scale operation for non-life insurance companies seeking support in preparing their compliance with the new Insurance Act of Japan, while also aiming to improve customer satisfaction.

The new Insurance ActNote 1 to be enforced on April 1, 2010, requires non-life insurance companies to revise terms of policies and to review their business procedures to shorten the claim payment period, which forces them to redesign relevant forms. This is prompting the industry to seek outsourcers who can handle related business procedures. Fuji Xerox focuses on streamlining the operations from redesign to delivery of forms, and is making such BPO services widely available to the non-life insurance industry.

The BPO services include: (1) Redesigning and standardizing forms that currently differ by each insurance product in order to achieve higher procedural efficiency; (2) Managing form templates and distribution; (3) Printing and dispatching forms on demand; and (4) Unifying management of form delivery and periodical monitoring of its operations.

By outsourcing these processes, an insurance company can expect to: (1) Reduce labor costs related with document processing, printing, inventory and distribution; (2) Reinforce its legal compliance through centralized form delivery; (3) Achieve higher efficiency in form delivery; and (4) Improve customer satisfaction through easy-to-complete forms and swift responses. Reducing form management and delivery tasks also enables insurance companies to reallocate their valuable work resources to their core business.

Fuji Xerox plans to further enhance the services beyond form design, creation, delivery, and management, to also include receipt of the forms from policyholders, checking of completed details, and document management-thereby offering complete and integrated BPO services.

Note 1
The Insurance Act stipulates the rights and obligations of an insurance company and its policyholders concerning insurance contracts-from conclusion to termination. This Act was reviewed after nearly 100 years and the revised Act was announced on June 6, 2008. The new Insurance Act requires insurance companies to revise current contract provisions, improve their management of claim payment period performance, and curtail payment time, aiming at increased protection of policyholders.

BPO Services Features

  1. More Efficient Business Process: Fuji Xerox redesigns insurance companies' forms and print/dispatches them on demand to policyholders to realize more efficient business processes. Clear and unambiguous forms reduce time for checking caused by completion errors, and help streamline claim payment performance management, which has been tightened in the new Insurance Act. This enables insurance companies to focus on their core businesses.
  2. Legal Compliance: Fuji Xerox also redesigns document contents to ensure accurate usage of expressions that comply with the legal specifications, and precise and plain sentences. Further, centralized document management reinforces an insurance company's legal compliance.
  3. Improvement of Customer Satisfaction: Forms function as a communication tool between an insurance company and its policyholders. The redesigned forms will provide easy-to-understand information and clear layouts to prevent errors when completing the documents.
  4. Enhancing Corporate Brand: Fuji Xerox renovates the overall appearance of forms with corporate logos and trademarks based upon effective layout designs and coordinated text colors. New designs can be applied to forms for all insurance products, enabling policyholders to easily identify the company just by the look of the documents.

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