Introducing Green Purchasing Law-Compliant
Copy/Printer Paper Made From 100% Post-Consumer Waste

December 21, 2009

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Fuji Xerox Interfield Co., Ltd.

TOKYO, December 21, 2009 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. and Fuji Xerox InterField Co., Ltd. have developed 100%-recycled copy/printer paper GR100 with ISO brightness of 70 percent, which complies with the Law on Promotion Green Purchasing (Green Purchasing Law)Note 1. The product will be released on January 12, 2010.


In response to growing consumer awareness on environmentally-conscious products, the companies have developed GR100 based on Fuji Xerox's Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements for Paper ProcurementNote 2. The new paper product will stay compliant with the Green Purchasing Law from FY2010 onwards with the composite rating of 85Note 3 under the evaluation criteria defined in the Law.

Packaging is made of non-laminated recyclable moisture-resistant paper. The cartons for GR100 do not require packing tape or cardboard padding, except in a few sizesNote 4, thereby saving on resources.

Following the January 2008 discovery of discrepancy between the label-stated and actual ratios of recycled pulp used in copy/printer paper, Fuji Xerox has been auditing paper manufacturers' facilities to ensure the recycled pulp content as well as product quality if the paper runs efficiently and reliably on the company's printers and copy machines. These activities have given the all clear to the introduction of paper product made from 100 percent post-consumer waste, resulting in the manufacturing and marketing launch of GR100 under the Fuji Xerox brand.

Fuji Xerox will continue to support customers who promote green procurement.

Note 1
The revised Green Purchasing Law, which went into effect in April 2009, defines the composite rating of environmental consideration for copy papers based on indices such as the content of recycled pulp, content of Green Ecosystem Council certified pulp and pulp manufactured with lumber obtained from thinning, degree of bleaching and per-unit paper weight. Paper products with the composite rating of 80 or higher are considered to be compliant, although those with more than 70 points are also applied for FY2009 as a transitional measure. For details of the revision of the procurement standard for copy papers under the Green Purchasing Law, please access: (only in Japanese) open new window
Note 2
Fuji Xerox Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements for Paper Procurement: (1) Comply with all applicable laws and codes of practice; (2) Practice sustainable forest management; (3) State the source of reused pulp for used paper; (4) Ensure the safety of chemical substances used; (5) Eliminate chlorine bleaching process in paper production; and (6) Maintain an environmental management system at factories.
Note 3
Composite rating of 85: Compliant with the Green Purchasing Law set by the State and other entities, which defines the standards in the procurement of eco-friendly goods and services.
Evaluation CriteriaIndex valueRating
Content of recycled pulp 100% 80
Content of Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council certified pulp - -
Content of pulp manufactured with lumber obtained from thinning - -
Proportion of recycled pulp content that is used in accordance with method of material procurement with sustainable goals - -
Degree of bleaching 100% 5
Weight per unit to be used for material - -
Note 4
Two sizes including A4 (1000 sheets × 3 reams) and DT special A4/Letter

List Prices

SizePacking formatList Price
(excluding tax)
A4 500 sheets/ream, 10 reams/carton 11,600 yen
A4 500 sheets/ream, 5 reams/carton 5,800 yen
B4 500 sheets/ream, 5 reams/carton 7,700 yen
B5 500 sheets/ream, 5 reams/carton 4,950 yen
A3 500 sheets/ream, 3 reams/carton 6,960 yen
A4 1,000 sheets/ream, 3 reams/carton 6,960 yen
DT special A4/LetterNote 1 1,000 sheets/ream, 3 reams/carton 7,500 yen
Note 1
The DT special A4/Letter is to commence shipment in February 2010.