Fuji Xerox issues Sustainability Report 2010 Featuring Intelligence and Partnership for Global CSR Deployment

October 1, 2010

TOKYO, October 1, 2010 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. today issued the English edition of Sustainability Report 2010, putting together corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives by the company and its affiliates in FY2009.

This year's Sustainability Report features global CSR deployment: What kind of value Fuji Xerox can provide in the global arena, and how it can build wisdom that is shared across national boundaries.

The Report illustrates how Fuji Xerox employees in Japan and around the rest of the world work together to develop a sustainable society, with following highlights: Fuji Xerox's initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of office operations through its service businesses; proposals for growing market demands for sustainability and rapid globalization; and support programs for employees at plants in China to help them actualize their full potential.

The Report also features a dialogue between the president of one of Fuji Xerox affiliates, which undertakes development, and Professor Yasushi Nakano of Keio University Department of Economics, who works at the forefront of education for children with vision impairment, to show how the company utilizes its technology for social contributions.

Further, a new section reports the progress of on-going CSR activities, such as the efforts to curb global warming, activities for resource recycling and ethical procurement.

Outline of the Sustainability Report 2010

1. Top Commitment

Tadahito Yamamoto, Fuji Xerox president and representative director, shares the company's basic stance of reinforcing business management around CSR and contributing to the development of customers and society. Based on the notion that "CSR represents business management itself," Yamamoto expresses his commitment to exploring in-depth discussions on how the company should provide and implement values to its stakeholders from mid- and long-term perspectives. This section explains the overview of CSR activities and details of activities for specific stakeholders in detail to help readers establish a deep understanding of the company's approach.

2. Three Highlights

FY2009 was the year when Fuji Xerox felt growing demands for CSR in many countries and regions where the company operates. This section cites typical examples of how the company has addressed requests of employees at manufacturing bases in China, as well as the demands by global enterprises to balance streamlining their business operations and reducing environmental impact.

Highlight 1:Innovative Service Business Help Reduce Environmental Burden

Amidst calls for mitigating global warming, many companies are taking the initiative for reducing the environmental burden of their own business operations. In order to meet the demand of advanced companies with a high level of environmental awareness, it is important to offer services of easy administration and global consistency. This section reports Fuji Xerox's current efforts to take on this difficult challenge in partnership with its clients.

Highlight 2: Market Evolution and Global Management

Market demand for sustainability is growing more than ever in the Asia-Pacific market, with customers focusing on sustainability as a key criterion when making a purchase. This section describes a story of Fuji Xerox employees who are hard at work in developing a new organizational scheme of global CSR governance.

Highlight 3:Building a Fulfilling Work Environment for Every Employee

Today, Chinese society is seeking companies to implement business management that helps employees work with a dream and pride, and achieve a sense of fulfillment. This section introduces the activities of Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Ltd., which uses the Employee Assistance Program to establish a psychological bond between the management and individual employees.

3. Learning From Social Issues

Exploring the possibility of applying Fuji Xerox's proprietary technologies and services to help children with vision impairment learn and become more independent, Kengo Taneda, president of Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., interviewed Professor Yasushi Nakano of Keio University Department of Economics, a leading expert in the education of children with vision impairment, to learn about how the company can utilize its technology in making social contributions.

4. CSR Initiatives by Fuji Xerox Affiliates Around the World

At Fuji Xerox affiliates, many employees are exercising their initiatives in implementing CSR activities that address challenges specific to the respective regions. This section introduces various activities in place at different countries and regions.

5. Status of Key CSR Initiatives

This section reports how Fuji Xerox perceives CSR activities sought by the society, what mechanism it employs in managing and advancing such activities, as well as what progress it has achieved over the past year in a quantitative approach.

  1. Monitoring and review mechanisms for reflecting stakeholder opinions to business management,
  2. Continuous report on the company's progress in efforts to curb global warming, resource recycling and ethical procurement,
  3. Quantitative progress in CSR activities for different stakeholder groups.

6. Third-Party Opinion

Sachiko Takami, Japan representative of an international nongovernmental organization, The Natural Step, offers her opinion on Fuji Xerox's CSR activities and this Report.

Composition of the Sustainability Report 2010

Fuji Xerox's Sustainability Report 2010 consists of the brochure, Stakeholder Summary and Website Note 1. The brochure is issued in Japanese, English and ChineseNote 2, while the Stakeholder Summery and Website in Japanese and English. The Stakeholder Summary lists detailed information about key activities categorized by stakeholder, while the Website features in-depth information encompassing the contents of the brochure and the Stakeholder Summary.

For detailed information on Fuji Xerox's CSR activities, please visit the Website, where the brochure and the Stakeholder Summary are both available for download. The Website offers various navigation tools such as the Report Map and a list of applied guidelines for an easy access to required information. All the pages support a voice browser for people with vision impairment.

Note 1
URL of the website: http://www.fujixerox.com/eng/company/sr/2010/
Note 2
The Chinese edition is scheduled to be released in early October.

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