Scanniversary Campaign: Scan and Save Memories

Opens Campaign Website to Introduce Scan Service Available at Seven-Eleven Stores

October 12, 2010

TOKYO, October 12, 2010 — Fuji Xerox today opens a new campaign Website called "scanniversary", which presents ways to save memories and celebrate anniversaries using the scan service available with multi-use copiers (Fuji Xerox's digital multifunction devices) installed at Seven-Eleven stores in Japan.

Under the theme "Scan and save your fond memories", the campaign site shows examples of how the scan service can be used to convert old photos and paper keepsakes into digital format to celebrate various anniversaries. The site also allows visitors to experience an original "scanniversary" by creating a slide show using the photos or graphics that they scanned. As the multi-use copiers can scan A3 size documents, which is not usually possible with home scanners, a wider range of keepsakes can be recorded in digital format.

Four anniversary scenes using the scan service

Four examples of anniversaries are presented, where scanned keepsakes and old photos are shared on the special day using photo frames and projectors, to look back on fond memories with family and friends. These include: 1. Child's graduation ceremony, 2. Parents' golden/silver wedding anniversary, 3. Friend's wedding, and 4. Boss's retirement.

Documentary film: Old memories create new keepsakes.

In order to give a more specific idea of how the scan service could be fun, Fuji Xerox shot a six-minute-long scanniversary film, which shows an example of using digitized old photos of loved ones to create a new keepsake, to be remembered and cherished anew. It is about a family scanning old photos and paper keepsakes to create a slide show for a couple who celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, and presenting the show as a surprise on their anniversary day.

The Website is open

From October 12, 2010 to late- March 2011

Scanniversary URL (Japanese only)

This site has been closed.

Scanniversary Top Page
Examples of Celebrating Key Events
Scanniversary Film

About the multi-use copiers

Fuji Xerox's digital color multifunction devices installed at Seven-Eleven stores across Japan (12,925 stores as of the end of September 2010), which provide a wide range of services, including copying, faxing, digital photo printing, and ticket purchasing.

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