DocuWorks, Document Management Software,
Sales in Japan Tops Three Million Licenses

Improves Business Process Efficiency and Reduces CO2 Emissions

October 19, 2010

TOKYO, October 19, 2010 — DocuWorks, document management software that Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. released in September 1998, has achieved cumulative sales of three million licenses in Japan.

DocuWorks allows users to store, edit and circulate electronic documents together with paper documents scanned using a digital multifunction device or scanner. Users can bind up those documents, add text or lines to the document, or attach sticky notes, all on the computer screen as if working with actual paper on the desk. With its ease of use, DocuWorks helps a wide range of customers in various industries and operations, from personal use to companies and government agencies.

In addition to such usage of digitizing documents, an increasing number of users are using DocuWorks as a document management tool by linking it to digital multifunction devices. For example, when a fax document is received, instead of printing it out, the user can store it on the computer, which can then be centrally managed and shared together with other scanned paper documents or electronic documents of different formats. This not only increases business productivity, but also helps reduce the total cost of ownership by cutting down on paper use as well as reduce CO2 emissions.

DocuWorks also has a free development kitNote 1, which provides programming interface to develop tools that link with the software. Currently, more than 40 partner companies including system integrators have developed tools, expanding applications of document usage. Recent developments include plug-in softwareNote 2 that can easily import business cards into DocuWorks from multifunction devices, as well as softwareNote 3 that creates and manages a ledger of documents stored in DocuWorks. These tools have been purchased particularly by small and medium-sized businesses.

Meanwhile, DocuWorks also supports multiple languages, with more than 350,000 licenses sold overseas, including English, Chinese, Korean, French and Thai. Fuji Xerox continues to support such international business users in the global market.

Note 1
DocuWorks Development Tool Kit
Note 2
TantCard, developed by Shimoda OA System Corporation
Note 3
PowerList for DocuWorks, developed by Assist V

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