Fuji Xerox IH Fusing Technology Receives
Awards for Excellence of
FY2010 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards

A Fuser With World's Fastest Three-Second Start Up Time

November 11, 2010

TOKYO, November 11, 2010 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. received the Awards for Excellence at the FY2010 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards, sponsored by Nikkei Inc., Japan. The Awards was given in recognition of shortening the start up time of a fuser of a digital multifunction device to the world-fastestNote 1 three seconds, achieved by changing the fuser's heat source from a halogen lamp to an induction heating (IH).

The IH fusing technology with the world's fastest three-second start up time adopts an IH belt containing the world's thinnest nonmagnetic metal with a thickness of microns (one micron=0.001mm), which heats up quickly. Thereby the fuser does not have to be preheated, achieving zero power consumption when not printing,

Conventionally, a fuser had to remain preheated for a copier or digital multifunction device to operate immediately from the standby mode, which made it difficult to achieve the users' convenience and energy saving at the same time. However, Fuji Xerox pursued this challenge, believing that finding the solution to such a conflict would result in true energy-saving technology.

The Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Awards are to honor outstanding achievements that contribute to global environmental conservation in the areas of investigation, research, technology development, and practical activities-such as those used in countermeasures against global warming, ozone layer disruption, acid rain, ecological disturbance, desertification, marine pollution, and waste treatment. Last year, Fuji Xerox won the Monozukuri Special Environment Award of the Awards for its Integrated Recycling System in China.

Fuji Xerox aims at continuously providing true environmental technologies and services that also offer users expedience, and collectively call them RealGreen. This award-winning IH fusing technology represents RealGreen technologies, which has been realized based on expertise that Fuji Xerox has nurtured over the years. Four models from the ApeosPort-IV series,Note 2 and another four from the DocuCentre-IV seriesNote 3 that are equipped with the IH fusing technology won the METI Minister's Award in the 20th Energy Conservation Grand Prize for 2009 (Energy-Saving Machines and Systems category) sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI).

In February 2009, Fuji Xerox set its greenhouse gas reduction targets for FY2020, where it aims to reduce power consumption per device by 80 percent of that in FY2005. Fuji Xerox will continue to contribute in global warming prevention through further development of energy-saving products and delivering them to more customers.

Note 1
Applies for ApeosPort-IV C2270, ApeosPort-IV C3370, DocuCentre-IV C2270, DocuCentre-IV C3370. Compared to multifunction devices that were in the market by July 2009.
Note 2
ApeosPort-IV C2270 (25ppm in color), ApeosPort-IV C3370 (35ppm in color), ApeosPort-IV C4470 (45ppm in color), ApeosPort-IV C5570 (50ppm in color)
Note 3
DocuCentre-IV C2270 (25ppm in color), DocuCentre-IV C3370 (35ppm in color), DocuCentre-IV C4470(45ppm in color), DocuCentre-IV C5570 (50ppm in color)

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