Fuji Xerox to Release DocuPrint 3100 / 3000,
A3 Monochrome Laser Printers With
Enhanced Energy-Saving Performance and Security Features

November 25, 2010

TOKYO, November 25, 2010 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will release two new A3 monochrome laser printer models, the DocuPrint 3100 and the DocuPrint 3000, on January 17, 2011, strengthening its lineup of monochrome printers.

With 32ppmNote 1 and 29ppmNote 1 print speed respectively, DocuPrint 3100 and DocuPrint 3000 have significantly improved energy-saving performance and security features while maintaining the same price levels as the former models.Note 2 With the capability to handle different types of paper and a large paper tray capacityNote 3 of up to 1,850 sheets,Note 4 these models not only serve as a shared printer in a mid-sized office, but can also flexibly respond to the output demands of mission-critical operations.

High environmental standards contribute to energy savings in offices

The newly developed low-power controller realizes power consumption during sleep mode of less than 1.7 watts. The Typical Electricity Consumption, or TECNote 5, a compliance standard with the International Energy Star Program, is 1.98 kilowatt-hours per week for DocuPrint 3100, 46 percent lower than the previous models,Note 6 and 1.74 kilowatt-hours per week for DocuPrint 3000, also down 32 percent from the previous models.Note 7 These two models deliver top-levelNote 8 energy saving performance in their respective output speed class of A3 monochrome laser printers.

Enhanced security features to prevent information leaks from offices

The new models share the same platform as Fuji Xerox's multifunction devices ApeosPort series, enabling information leakage prevention measures and output controls to be implemented in the same level as the multifunction devices. A variety of security features, including authorized printing with IC card authenticationNote 9 and embedded printing of hidden text/copy restriction codesNote 10 using paper security functions, help prevent information leaks through confidential documents being left at the printer or unauthorized copying.

Note 1
When continuously printing a single document, A4 long edge feed (plain paper).
Note 2
DocuPrint 305 / 255 / 205 and DocuPrint 2060.
Note 3
Requires optional tray module.
Note 4
For DocuPrint 3100. 1,550 sheets for DocuPrint 3000.
Note 5
Typical Electricity Consumption: Power consumed over a conceptual week (five days of operation with sleep/off repeated + two days of sleep/off).
Note 6
DocuPrint 305.
Note 7
DocuPrint 205.
Note 8
When compared with A3 monochrome laser printers on the Web site of the Energy Conservation Center. As of November 2010.
Note 9
Requires optional IC card reader, IC Card Gate 2.0 and IC Card Gate 2.0 for FeliCa.
Note 10
Requires optional security extension kit and function extension kit (HDD), and additional memory of 256 MB or more.

List Prices

Product NameList Price (before tax)Remarks
DocuPrint 3100 (32ppm)Note 1 128,000 yen Includes 550-sheet standard cassette tray, drum/toner cartridge (6K)
DocuPrint 3000 (29ppm)Note 1 99,800 yen Includes 250-sheet standard cassette tray, drum/toner cartridge (6K)

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