Fuji Xerox to Launch Compact, Eco-Friendly, Affordable
LED Printers Targeting SMB in Overseas Market

New DocuPrint Series With Award-Winning Technologies

November 29, 2010

BEIJING, November 29, 2010 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has launched nine modelsNote 1 of its new DocuPrint series of A4 LED (Light-Emitting Diode) printers: DocuPrint CP105 b / CP205 / CP205 w / CM205 b (full color) and DocuPrint P105 b / P205 b / M105 b / M105 ab / M205 b (monochrome). Including some models with top-level reduced size and weight in its class, the new series lineup varies from single function printers to multifunction models with flexible pricing to meet the demands of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) users. Sales started in the Asia-Pacific region on November 9.

With the new series, Fuji Xerox is making a full-fledge entry to the low-end market. According to the company's study, the global printer market will make a continuous growth with seven-percent average annual growth, and the 2014 market size will be 36 million units (as compared to 28 million units in 2010). Also, the emerging countries are showing a rapid recovery from the financial crisis, and Fuji Xerox's business there has been marking double-digit growth. To timely and continuously capture the growing business opportunities, Fuji Xerox developed the new DocuPrint series targeting its overseas market, expanding its business from the value market to the volume market, where users demand high print quality, ease of use, eco friendliness and value for money. Providing not only full product lineup from high-end to low-end but also added value as seen in quality maintenance support, Fuji Xerox is committed to contributing to SMB customers together with its channel partners.

Fuji Xerox has applied its award-winning self-scanning LED (SLED)Note 2 technology, previously available only in high-end office machines, to these entry-level products' printheads to ensure a compact size without sacrificing print quality. Also equipped with EA-Eco (EA: Emulsion Aggregation) toner with a fusing temperature more than 20 degrees Celsius lower than conventional EA toner, this new DocuPrint series offers energy-saving performance, up to 40 percent reductionNote 3 in power consumption during fusion. For the monochrome models, Fuji Xerox first incorporated newly developed low-gloss black EA-Eco toner (Eco-LGK toner), which offers controlled gloss for black and white documents.

For technologies adopted in the new DocuPrint series, please access:

Note 1
Sales models differ in each country/region.
Note 2
Self-Scanning Light Emitting Device: A device that can emit light in sequence from its elements.
Note 3
The 40 percent reduction is possible in a glossy mode (low-speed printing mode to realize further glossy finish depending on the gloss level of paper).
  • DocuPrint CM205 b

    DocuPrint CM205 b
  • DocuPrint CP105 b

    DocuPrint CP105 b
  • DocuPrint P205 b

    DocuPrint P205 b

Award-Winning LED Printhead

LED printheads require neither a polygon mirror nor the motor to rotate the mirror, which enables a size reduction as well as noiseless operation. While they have such advantages, conventional LED printheads had difficulty in realizing higher image quality due to numerous light-emitting elements, which cause fluctuations in the amount of light resulting in unevenness in color density.

Fuji Xerox has responded to these issues by developing a 1,200 dpi, high-resolution self-scanning light-emitting device (SLED) along with a technology, DELCISNote 4, which enables precise integrated control of all light-emitting elements by a single high-performance ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). Furthermore, Fuji Xerox adopted lenses with uniform optical characteristics to create a simple-structure, high-resolution LED printhead (1,200 x 2,400 dpi)Note 5, which has realized downsizing as well as high-quality images equal or superior to those produced via laser raster output scanner (ROS) systems. The LED printhead received the Technology Award in 2009 from The Imaging Society of Japan's Technology.

Note 4
Digitally Enhanced Lighting Control Imaging System: An LED exposure control technology that uses proprietary SLEDs. Highly precise correction of the amount of light is achieved by ASIC's integrated control of all SLEDs, resulting in a high resolution of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi. DELCIS is a registered trademark in Japan.
Note 5
The resolution applies for the color models.

Energy-saving EA-Eco toner and gloss-controlled black toner

As part of its EA-Eco toner line-up, Fuji Xerox has developed black toner with controlled gloss, Eco-LGK toner, which was first introduced in the new DocuPrint monochrome models. Fuji Xerox succeeded in achieving to control gloss while saving energy, which was a challenge, to create low-gloss black toner for business documents which are mostly black and white, and images requiring subtle shades of black.

Fuji Xerox first used the EA-Eco toner in its production system released in 2008, followed by office-use digital color multifunction devices, the ApeosPort-IV and DocuCentre-IV series, released in 2009. The eleven products in eight models of these two series received the METI Minister's Award in the 20th Energy Conservation Grand Prize for 2009 (Energy-Saving Machines and Systems category) sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, and EA-Eco toner was one of the factors that contributed to winning the award.

For more information on the EA-Eco toner, access:

Fixed photorecepter reduces TCO and waste

The new DocuPrint series feature the industry-first fixed photorecepter. Users do not have to replace a photorecepter, which would reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as waste; thereby users can enjoy easy-to-use and eco-conscious operations. By introducing the fixed photorecepter, Fuji Xerox made the most of the LED printhead's small size, which led to the smallest, durable design.

Quality maintenance support in China

Approximately 300 Authorized Service Providers certified by Fuji Xerox, who cover all over China, will support users for unexpected troubles. Fuji Xerox has introduced the maintenance system where the number of replaceable parts is minimal, resulting in a speedy maintenance service.

The best colour printout quality in DocuPrint series- CP105 b, CP205 / CP205 w, CM205 b

The colour models in Fuji Xerox's all new DocuPrint series include two single-function printer models (CP105 bNote 6, CP205 / CP205 wNote 7) and one multi-function printer model that integrates copy, scan and print functions (CM205 bNote 7). In addition to the S-LED technology, which delivers 1200x2400dpi printout quality, as well as EA-Eco toner, which allows for considerable power savings, other features of the series include the toner-saving mode enables reducing toner use by up to 30 percent, and a maximum speed of 12ppm and a compact design, wherein the CP105 b measures in at a mere 394x304x234mm, smallest in this class.

Note 6
DocuPrint CP105 b: 10ppm colour, 12ppm monochrome (A4 long edge feed)
Note 7
DocuPrint CP205 / CP205 w / CM205 b: 12ppm colour, 15ppm monochrome (A4 long edge feed)

DocuPrint P205 b and M205 b for business black and white documents

The monochrome series includes one single-function printer model (P205 b) and one multi-function printer model that integrates copy, scan and print functions (M205 b). Monochrome models also feature the S-LED technology, toner saving mode and EA-Eco toner energy saving technologies. With a maximum speed of 24ppmNote 8 and minimum dimensions of 358x198x209.4mmNote 9, users can enjoy high printout quality with the minimum investment in money and space.

Note 8
DocuPrint P205 b / M205 b: 24ppm (A4 long edge feed)
DocuPrint P105 b / M105 ab / M105 b: 20ppm (A4 long edge feed)
Note 9
The dimension is for DocuPrint P205 b.

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