Fuji Xerox’s 50 Models of Multifunction Devices Acquire
China Environmental Labeling Low-Carbon Products Certification

December 21, 2010

BEIJING, December 21, 2010 — For their eco-friendly performance, Fuji Xerox's 50 product models acquired China Environmental Labeling Low-Carbon Product Certification from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China on November 18. The certified models are color and monochrome digital multifunction devices including ApeosPort-IV C5570 and ApeosPort-IV C4470.

In September this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection newly established the low-carbon standard labeling program for four product categories--washing machine, refrigerator, multifunction device and digital stencil duplicator--aiming at establishing a low-carbon economy by promoting energy saving and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. To be certified, the products must be compliant with the Version 1.1 Energy Star program as well as with the China Eco-Label Product Certification Standard, which was launched by the Ministry in 2008.

The Chinese government is planning to make the new certification as one of the government procurement standards together with the China Eco-Label Product Certification Standard, which has been already one of the procurement standards, and encourages enterprises to acquire it.

The certified 50 models include eight models of ApeosPort-IV/DocuCentre-IV series launched in 2009. These series have incorporated new environmental technologies to lower Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)Note 1, a key factor in receiving Energy Star status, by 75 percentNote 2 compared to a previous model to 2.44 kilowatt-hourNote 3, achieving industry-leadingNote 4 energy saving performance.

Fuji Xerox has been implementing eco-conscious initiatives not only its own business activities but also at its customers' offices, setting its long-term goal to reduce 30 percent of FY2005 greenhouse gas emissions during its overall lifecycle stage by FY2020. The company is proactively developing energy-saving products, proving their industry-leading performance by receiving the Energy Conservation Prize for 11 consecutive years, which is the industry first, from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Fuji Xerox also employs the environmental protection concept into the entire value chain from procurement to product planning/designing/manufacturing, using and discarding. It established the Integrated Resource Recycling System that aims at "Zero Waste" in Japan as well as in the Asia-Pacific region including China to recover used products from customers and recycle them.

Note 1
The amount of power by a printer, copy machine, or other office equipment over a conceptual week (five days of operation and sleep/off repeated, plus two days of sleep/off).
Note 2
Compared to ApeosPort-III C4405 PFST (TEC: 9.93 kWh).
Note 3
Applicable for ApeosPort-IV C4470. TEC for C2270 is 1.15 kWh, 1.68 kWh for C3370, and 3.05 kWh for C5570.
Note 4
Compared to A3 color multifunction devices with monochrome print speed of 25/35/45/55ppm, as of December 2010.

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