Fuji Xerox Develops a System to Monitor Environmental Burden by Visualizing Power Consumption in the Office

The New System Displays Each User's Level of Eco-Friendliness on a Multifunction Device Control Panel

January 20, 2011

TOKYO, January 20, 2011 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. today launches an environmental burden monitoring system, which displays CO2 emissions calculated based on power consumption, not only of multifunction devices, but of lighting and other electric devices in the office.

When the user logs in to use a multifunction device with his/her IC card, the new environmental burden monitoring system displays each user's CO2 emissions and the level of eco-friendliness (see Figure 1) on the device control panel. The display shows environmental information, including the user's personal eco-friendliness ranking within the department along with his/her CO2 emissions and print volume. This allows users to review their printing history each time they use the multifunction device, which in turn contributes to raising individual environmental awareness.

In addition, for admin managers, the system calculates not only CO2 emissions based on the power consumption and print volume of multifunction devices or printers but also those from lighting, PCs and other equipment, thus visualizing the power consumption of the entire office space.

Figure 1: Personal eco level screen

Figure 1: Personal eco level screen

With enforcement of laws such as the Revised Act on the Rational Use of Energy and the Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Security Ordinance (a municipal ordinance from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government), there is an increasing need for CO2 reduction at offices in recent years, and many companies are considering implementing devices with high energy-saving capabilities. Fuji Xerox has been offering solutions based on its multifunction devices with industry-leading energy-saving performance, but there is a requirement to reduce CO2 emission of the office as a whole. Fuji Xerox will continue to promote solutions that visualize the power consumption of the entire office and propose an office environment that balances low environmental burden and convenience for the workers.

Prices of the New System and Requirements

Product NameList Price (before tax)
Standard price for the environmental burden monitoring systemNote 1 98,000 yen
Note 1
The above price is the per-server license fee for the software.
Cost of design, development and installationNote 2 To be estimated
Annual fee for software support serviceNote 3 30,000 yen(before tax)
Note 2
This software requires customized design, development and installation by Fuji Xerox systems engineers.
Note 3
A support service for inquiries regarding the system

System requirements

Multifunction device models ApeosPort-IV or newer devices
Option External access kit
IC card reader Requires an IC card reader compatible with Fuji Xerox multifunction devices.
Required software ApeosWare Management Suite's ApeosWare Log Management or the ApeosWare Accounting Service Log Center.

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