DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060, Fuji Xerox Eco-Friendly Monochrome Digital Multifunction Devices Help Offices Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve Work Efficiency

July 12, 2011

TOKYO, July 12, 2011 - Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will release DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060, monochrome digital multifunction devices that help offices lower environmental impact and save energy on July 29, 2011 in Japan, and in August in Asia Pacific including China. The output speed is 30 pages per minute (A4 long edge feed) and 25 pages per minute (ppm) respectively.

Because of a growing need to save energy caused by global warming, even more after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it is now imperative for office equipment to contribute to lowering environmental impact.

DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060 have energy-saving features including;

  • Typical Energy Consumption (TEC)Note1, a compliance standard of the International ENERGY STAR Program, is 1.56 kilowatt-hour (kWh)Note2.
  • Power consumption is less than 2.0 watts during sleep mode.
  • Realizing further energy saving by using light-emitting diodes (LED) as light source for a scanning unit and a liquid crystal control panel.

In addition to these features, DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060 are equipped with a high-speed color scanning function at 55 ppmNote3, which helps digitization of paper documents. The scanned data can be saved in PCs or sent as email attachmentNote4, reducing print volume and contributing to energy saving.

Moreover, DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060 can visualize levels of eco-friendly printing of users when their print requests are completed.

Paperless and cost reduction by high-speed color scanning and digitization of documents

An LED lamp, used as a light source of the scanning unit, allows 1.5 times the brightness of a xenon lamp of former modelsNote5, and reduces power consumption by approximately 80 percent. Furthermore, because the light source is 1.5 times brighter, DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060 do not compromise the image quality of scanned data that is scanned at high speed of 55ppm, both for color and monochrome.

The new models also allow users reduction of print volume for circulars and distributions; scan paper documents at high-speed, compressNote6 the scanned data, and digitalize it in various file formats depending on purposes. Users can store these digital files on PCs or USB flash memories, or send them as email attachments (Figure 1). Furthermore, users can generate DocuWorks or PDF documents with text informationNote7 without special optical character reader (OCR) software. These DocuWorks and PDF documents come in handy when implementing full-text search or reusing the documents.

Visualize levels of eco-friendly printing

This feature is incorporated in the Document Monitor software in the Driver CD kit (CD-ROM) bundled with DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060.

Once users install the Document Monitor in their PCs, a pop-up window is displayed with a set of leaves (in five levels) indicating if their printing was eco-friendly (Figure 2), when DocuCentre-IV 3060 / 2060 complete their requested printing. This feature is expected to raise environmental awareness among the users.

Note 1
Typical Electricity Consumption:
Amount of power consumed over a conceptual week (five days of operation and sleep/off repeated + two days of sleep/off).
Note 2
Applicable for DocuCentre-IV 2060. 2.1 kWh for DocuCentre-IV 3060.
Note 3
A4 long edge feed with 200 dpi. Scan feature is optional and requires Scanner Kit.
Note 4
Optional and requires Email Kit.
Note 5
DocuCentre-III 3000 / 2000.
Note 6
Optional and requires Image Compression Kit.
Note 7
Optional and requires Searchable PDF Kit.

List Price

Without options

Product NameList Price (before tax)
DocuCentre-IV 2060 DC 990,000 yen
DocuCentre-IV 2060 F 1,310,000 yen
DocuCentre-IV 2060 PF 1,420,000 yen
DocuCentre-IV 3060 DC 1,070,000 yen
DocuCentre-IV 3060 F 1,390,000 yen
DocuCentre-IV 3060 PF 1,500,000 yen

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