Fuji Xerox Launches Five Models of Compact and Stylish
A4 LED Multi- and Single-Function Printers Targeting SMB in Japan Market

Affordable, Eco- Friendly Printers With Feature to Print From iPhone / iPad

December 1, 2011

TOKYO, December 1, 2011 — On December 8, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch five models of its new DocuPrint series, A4 LED (Light-Emitting Diode) multi- and single-function printers, for the Japanese market, following their success in the overseas market since November last year.

The five models include three color models--DocuPrint CM200 fw (multifunction), DocuPrint CP100 b / CP200 w (single-function)--and two monochrome models--DocuPrint M200 fw (multifunction) and DocuPrint P200 b (single-function). Featuring top-level reduced size and weight in their class, as well as the stylish design that can suit to any locations, Fuji Xerox will provide affordable new series to meet the demands of small-and medium-sized businesses (SMB) users, including SOHOs, shops, studios and receptions of public utility services.

The LED printhead and frameless structure enabling compact and lightweight body and high quality image output

This new series incorporated a high-resolution LED printhead that was previously used only in high-end office multifunction devices, as well as the frameless structure with a fixed photoreceptor drum to deliver high image quality comparable to high-end models despite their compact and lightweight design.

Energy-saving EA-EcoNote 1 toner and gloss-controlled black toner

Using the EA-Eco toner, which has a fusing temperature more than 20 degrees Celsius lower than the conventional EA toner, Fuji Xerox has reduced the printers' power consumption during fusion. For the monochrome models, the company incorporated newly developed low-gloss black EA-Eco toner (Eco-LGK toner), which offers controlled gloss required for black and white business documents.

Direct printing and scanning from iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

DocuPrint CP200 w / CM200 fw support the Print & Scan Utility (Small Office) for iOSNote 2 to enable direct printout of web pages and photographs from iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. Furthermore, with DocuPrint CM200 fw that has scanning function, hardcopy documents can be scanned directly into iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

Pursuit for ease-of-use

The new series uses a fixed photoreceptor drum, that reduces the number of consumables need to be replaced compared to previous models, and the toner cartridge is the only consumable that requires replacing. The printers are shipped with minimum packaging materials and toner cartridge already installed in the main unit, which enables easy installation straight out of the box, resulting that users can set them up without complicated procedures.

Note 1
Emulsion Aggregation-Eco toner
Note 2
Free software that enables printing and scanning directly from iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

DocuPrint CP100 b / CP200 w / CM200 fw

The new color models include two single-function printers (DocuPrint CP100 bNote 3 and DocuPrint CP200 wNote 4) and one multifunction printer with copy, scan, fax and print functions (DocuPrint CM200 fwNote 4). In addition to the LED printhead that delivers 1,200x2,400 dpiNote 5 print quality, as well as EA-Eco toner that allows considerable power saving, other features include the toner-saving mode that can save toner use by up to 30 percent, maximum speed of 12 pages per minute (ppm), and a compact design, wherein the DocuPrint CP100b measures in at a mere 394x304x234 millimeters (mm). In addition to the standard black-based design, DocuPrint CP200w also comes in burgundy color.

The DocuPrint CP200 w and DocuPrint CM200 fw have built-in wireless LAN feature to provide installation flexibility in an office environment.

  • DocuPrint CP100 b
    DocuPrint CP100 b
  • DocuPrint CP200 w(WR)
    DocuPrint CP200 w(WR)
  • DocuPrint CM200 fw
    DocuPrint CM200 fw
Note 3
DocuPrint CP100 b: 10ppm color, 12ppm monochrome (A4 long edge feed)
Note 4
DocuPrint CP200 w / CM200 fw: 12 ppm color, 15ppm monochrome (A4 long edge feed)
Note 5
1,200 x 2,400 dpi using the high-resolution digital screen technology

DocuPrint P200 b / M200 fw

The monochrome models include one single-function (DocuPrint P200 bNote 6) and one multifunction model that integrates copy, scan, fax and print functions (DocuPrint M200 fwNote 6). Monochrome models also feature the LED printhead, toner-saving mode and Eco-LGK toner. With a maximum speed of 24 ppm and minimum dimensions of 358x197x208 mmNote 7, users can enjoy high image quality with the minimum space. The DocuPrint M200 fw also has built-in wireless LAN feature to provide installation flexibility in an office environment.

DocuPrint P200 b

DocuPrint P200 b

DocuPrint M200 fw

DocuPrint M200 fw

Note 6
DocuPrint P200 b / M200 fw: 24ppm (A4 long edge feed)
Note 7
The dimensions are for DocuPrint P200b

For technologies adopted in the new DocuPrint series, please access:

List Prices

Product NamesList prices (before tax)
DocuPrint CP100 b Open
DocuPrint CP200 w(BK) Open
DocuPrint CP200 w(WR) Open
DocuPrint CM200 fw Open
DocuPrint P200 b Open
DocuPrint M200 fw Open


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