Achieves an Office Environment That Balances Convenience and Eco Performance by Visualizing Environmental Loads and Streamlining Workflow to Promote Eco Measures

Introducing ApeosWare Log Management 1.2

December 6, 2011

TOKYO, December 6, 2011 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has enhanced log management software ApeosWare Log Management, a component of ApeosWare Management SuitNote 1 that centrally manages and operates multifunction devices and printers. The new ApeosWare Log Management 1.2 has an additional feature to help reduce environmental loads, and sales starts on December 7.

ApeosWare Log Management 1.2 newly offers functions that address the growing needs for environmental considerations in addition to the existing functions of periodically collecting and storing job logs from multifunction devices and printers, and centrally controlling their operation status.

Promotes individual users' environmental awareness

The software visualizes each user's CO2 emission volume, and displays their eco levelNote 2 on the multifunction device's control panel. When an IC card is used for authentication at a multifunction device, its control panel shows the department members' rankings of CO2 emission and paper use reduction. Users' level of eco contribution is displayed on a scale of one to five leaves to raise their awareness on environmental loads. Fuji Xerox offers this feature, an existing function of the Environmental Burden Monitoring SystemNote 3, as package software that does not require individual system design or development, for easy and low-cost introduction.

Reduces administrative workload in promoting environmental measures

ApeosWare Log Management 1.2 monitors departmental power consumption of multifunction devices/printers, and paper consumption on a web browser, as well as displays the frequency distribution of prints and the level of CO2 emission mitigation in charts. Further, it automatically generates reports out of such data by device or user with simple operations, thereby helping administrators promote environmental measures. This not only reduces their workload, but also facilitates output devices' optimum layout and reduced usage based on the analysis results, contributing to cost reduction.

The software also provides a power saving controlling functionNote 4 that automatically sets the optimum transition time to the power saving mode of output devices. Many people are reluctant to use the power saving mode because a device is slow to recover from the mode and cannot be used straight away, also because it is too time-consuming to set the unique transition time for each device. This function periodically collects and analyzes the

usage history of multifunction devices and printers on the network, and automatically delays the transition time during hours when the device is frequently used, or shortens it during low-usage hours without having to take up the time of administrators. Thus, it delivers both convenience that fits device usage situation and environmental performance at a time.

Note 1
ApeosWare Management Suite consists of five software: ApeosWare Device Management for configuring, managing and monitoring multifunction devices and printers, ApeosWare Authentication Management for managing user authentication and usage restrictions, ApeosWare Log Management for obtaining and aggregating job logs from devices, ApeosWare Print Management for developing and managing the output environment, and ApeosWare Flow Management for automatically processing and distributing documents. Each software may be introduced separately.
Note 2
Not supported with the new DocuCentre-IV C5575/ C4475 / C3375 / C2275 / C2263, DocuCentre-IV 4070 / 3070, and DocuCentre-IV 7080 / 6080 / 508.
Note 3
Released on January 20, 2011.
Note 4
Not supported with the new ApeosPort-IV C5575/C4475/C3375/C2275, DocuCentre- IV C5575/ C4475 / C3375 / C2275 / C2263, ApeosPort- IV 4070 / 3070, DocuCentre- IV 4070 / 3070, ApeosPort- IV 7080 / 6080 / 508, and DocuCentre- IV 7080 / 6080 / 5080. These devices will feature the function sequentially.

List Price

Product NameList price (before tax)
ApeosWare Log Management 1.2: Standard edition server license 100,000 yen
Standard edition's server license allows to install one server license per server.


Japan and Asia-Pacific region.