SkyDesk Service Supports Business Communication for Android™ OS Smartphone Users

Free Web Applications Available in Addition to iPhone Applications

December 20, 2011

TOKYO, December 20, 2011 - Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has today launched free web applications of its SkyDesk Service, a business communication support service launched on August 23, for Android™ OS smartphonesNote1. These applications enable users to email, schedule, view files and manage customer information on their smartphones.

Leveraging the public cloud, the SkyDesk Service provides various applications required for a diverse range of business communications in the small and medium businesses (SMB). In addition to the existing compatibility with iPhones, Fuji Xerox starts providing the applications to respond to the needs of rapidly growing Android™ OS smartphones users, allowing them to utilize the SkyDesk Service through simple operations while they are out of the office.

Four web applications that can be accessed from Android™ OS smartphones include:

  • SkyDesk Calendar (schedule management)
  • SkyDesk Docs (online document sharing and management)
  • SkyDesk CRM (customer relationship management)
  • SkyDesk Mail (integrated email management)

Easy information sharing even out of office

Users can post their plans on SkyDesk Calendar to coordinate schedules with others and to check sudden schedule changes from their smartphones while they are out, which reduces possible problems such as double-booking and miscommunications. Additionally, users can check document contents with SkyDesk Docs without having to return to the office, enhancing work efficiency and improving smooth communication with their colleagues.

Increase efficiency of sales activities

With SkyDesk CRM, users can view customer information from anywhere, which allows them to use their time effectively while on the public transport or standing by. Also, swift customer responses and efficient sales operations can be realized: For example, a sales representative would post details of business negotiation while on the go, then a staff back at the office would examine the information and draw up a quote. On the other hand, SkyDesk Mail gives users an access to their business email accounts from their smartphones to check messages from customers or colleagues, and send replies.

Note 1
System requirements: Android™ OS ver. 2.3 and multi-touch screen with resolution between 480×800 pixels and 720×1280 pixels

Usage examples of the SkyDesk Service from a smartphone

The following SkyDesk Service web applications are available from compatible Android™ OS smartphones.

The web application site for smartphones (only in Japanese):

1. Calendar: Schedule management

Users can check/post schedules from their smartphones for real-time confirmation and sharing.

  • Displaying plans in the calendar
  • Displaying daily/weekly schedules
  • Adding new plans
  • Checking shared calendars

2. Mail: Integrated email management

Users can send and receive emails from their smartphones for timely responses and communications with customers.

  • Sending/receiving emails
  • Displaying attached files
  • Accessing multiple email accounts
  • Managing tags/folders

3. Docs: Online document sharing and management

Users can view and share various files registered in Docs even while they are out of the office.

  • Viewing files created with SkyDesk Writer, Sheet and Show
  • Viewing documents in other formats including PDF and JPEG
  • Displaying a list of files per views and folders
  • Sharing own files in Docs with other users
  • Creating a new file using SkyDesk Writer

4. CRM: Customer relationship management

Users can check and input customer information from their smartphones for timely updating and sharing of information on business negotiations.

  • Viewing, editing and newly creating main data items within CRM, such as business negotiations, clients, leads, campaigns, tasks and schedules
  • Displaying a map of location where a sales person is and referring to related tasks and schedules
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