Fuji Xerox Wins the Green IT Promotion Council Chairman's Awards of Green IT Award 2012 for its Integrated Eco Solution

Recognized for Providing a Convenient and Eco-Friendly Printing Environment That Streamlines Work and Saves Energy at the Same Time

October 3, 2012

TOKYO, October 3, 2012 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has won the Green IT Promotion Council Chairman's Award of Green IT Awards 2012 open new window, organized by the Green IT Promotion Council for its integrated solution that enables a convenient and eco-friendly printing environment.

Fuji Xerox was recognized for its solution to achieve energy conservation without sacrificing work efficiency or convenience by combining; full-color digital multifunction devices ApeosPort-IV C seriesNote1, ApeosWare Management SuiteNote2 --an integrated software for managing and administrating multifunction devices and printers--, and Print Environment Optimization Service.

ApeosPort-IV C series to realize Fuji Xerox's RealGreen concept

The ApeosPort-IV C series, which were released in December 2011, achieved virtually zero waiting time experience from the sleep mode by introducing the system technology that combines three newly-developed technologies (Fig.1)--Smart WelcomEyes, Smart Energy Management and high-speed recovery from the sleep mode. This enables users to use the devices without any stress with using the energy-efficient sleep mode.



  1. Smart WelcomEyes is a sensing technology that enables the device to automatically recover from the sleep mode by detecting a person approaching the device for use.
  2. Smart Energy Management is a technology that supplies electricity only to required function modules.
  3. The high-speed recovery from the sleep mode is a control technology that enables the output device to recover quickly from the sleep mode.  
Fuji Xerox refers to its technologies and services that carry contradictory values--such as user-friendliness and highly environmental performance--as RealGreen, and aims to continually offer them to its customers.

Enhanced ApeosWare Management Suite to help reduce environmental loads

ApeosWare Log Management 1.2, log management software released in December 2011 as a part of ApeosWare Management Suite, features power saving controlling function that analyzes the usage status of multifunction devices and printers, and automatically sets the optimum transition time to the power saving mode to achieve user convenience and environmental performance at the same time.

The software visualizes each user's CO2 emission volume, and displays their eco level on the control panel of multifunction devices, fostering employees' awareness on environmental load. The software also promotes environmental initiatives by providing administrators with automatically-generated reports on information such as departmental power/paper use on multifunction devices/printers as well as the status of CO2 emission mitigation, aggregated by device and user.

Printing Environment Optimization Service to facilitate improvement activities

The Printing Environment Optimization Service offers the optimum printing environment based on customers' environment and changes in work processes, providing continuous support for the improvement of the environment.

To optimize the printing environment, the service firstly analyzes the current usage of printing devices, and visualizes which print models the customers currently use, layout of the devices, print volume, CO2 emissions and power consumption, before suggesting an optimization plan that solves office or work issues.

Fuji Xerox works with the customers to establish the service in their workplace to achieve the goals. In addition, the usage status of devices are identified and compiled into a report in a continuous support for the customer's initiatives to further improve the printing environment, thereby streamlining work processes and reducing environmental load.

About the Green IT Awards

The Green IT Awards was launched to further foster 1. savings in IT-related energy consumption, and 2. energy conservation through the use of IT, which are the two pillars of the Green IT Initiative. The aim of this award program is publicly recognizing IT systems (IT devices, software, and services/solutions utilizing such devices or software) whose development/dissemination or use has helped reduce energy consumption in society. The program ultimately seeks to spread Green IT activities, including methods of evaluating energy saving amounts, across society and to contribute to the creation of a society that can simultaneously achieve environmental conservation and economic growth.

ApeosPort-IV C5575 / C4475 / C3375 / C2275
ApeosWare Management Suite consists of five software: ApeosWare Device Management for configuring, managing and monitoring multifunction devices and printers, ApeosWare Authentication Management for managing user authentication and usage restrictions, ApeosWare Log Management for obtaining and aggregating job logs from devices, ApeosWare Print Management for developing and managing the output environment, and ApeosWare Flow Management for automatically processing and distributing documents. Each software may be introduced separately.
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