Digital Color Multifunction Devices Receive Grand Prize for Energy Saving Product at Ninth Eco-Products Awards

ApeosPort-IV C5575 / C4475 / C3375 / C2275 Balance Energy Conservation With Ease of Use

December 13, 2012

TOKYO, December 13, 2012 — Recognized for energy conservation features based on the concept RealGreen—which aims to reduce environmental impact by conserving energy while also achieving comfortable and convenient product usage—Fuji Xerox's digital color multifunction devices ApeosPort-IV C5575 / C4475 / C3375 / C2275 received the Grand Prize for Energy Saving Product (Eco-Products Category) at the Ninth Eco-Products Awards, organized by the Eco-Products Awards Steering Committee. The award-winning products are on display at Eco-Products 2012, one of Japan's largest environmental exhibitions, held at Tokyo Big Site from December 13 to 15, 2012.

As multifunction devices are not used for most of the day, users can substantially reduce power consumption when the product is not in use by setting them to sleep mode rather than ready-to-be-operated standby mode. However, few users actually use the sleep mode in order to avoid waiting for the devices to start-up when they want to use them.

Fuji Xerox has integrated three technologies—its proprietary Smart WelcomEyesNote1, Smart Energy Management technologyNote2 and the technology that enables high-speed recovery of the devicesNote3—into these models providing users with virtually zero waiting time experience. By enabling customers to use the sleep mode easily at any time without sacrificing convenience and using the necessary energy only when needed, these models help in realizing a low-carbon society. For example, if 200,000 multifunction devices that are set not to transition from standby mode to sleep mode for an extended time are replaced with these models, annual CO2 emissions would be reduced by an estimated 140 million kilograms- CO2.

In addition, these models are the first to use parts made of resin from wood-based biomass as an advanced initiative for conserving natural resources.

Fuji Xerox will continue to aggressively pursue the reduction of environmental impact through its business activities, products and new technologies.

Automatic motion sensor technology that enables the device to automatically recover to standby mode from the sleep mode when a user approaches it.
Fine-tuned power distribution control technology that divides a multifunction device into four functional areas of scanning unit, control panel, output unit, and controller, and distributes power only to the function specified by the user.
Technology that quickly reboots an output unit from sleep mode.
RealGreen and Smart WelcomEyes are Fuji Xerox's registered trademarks.
Results of the 9th Eco Products Awards

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