Fuji Xerox Starts Offering Its Cloud-Based Business Communication Service to Australia and Singapore

Expands Availability of SkyDesk Service

December 18, 2012

TOKYO, December 18, 2012 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has today launched SkyDesk Service--a cloud-based business communication support service launched in Japan in August 2011--in Australia and Singapore.

Using the public cloud, SkyDesk Service offers basic business applications for emailing, business card sharing, calendar, task management, document creation and spreadsheet, which are required in a diverse range of business communications in the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market.

Providing a communication platform that helps facilitate inter-organization and timely business communications, the service not only supports activities within a company or organizaation, but also promotes interfirm collaboration, as well as enables mobile work by making the service available on smartphones. By expanding the service availability to the markets outside Japan, Fuji Xerox will help customers communicate beyond national borders.

Free-of-charge services Overview

Applications for collaboration

SkyDesk Service applications offer basic functions frequently used in business enabling collaborative work that transcends physical distances and organizational boundaries. There is also a range of information sharing functions, from which users can select the ones that best suit the type of information to be shared.

Mail: integrated email management

With a dedicated email address for SkyDesk Service, users can integrate this with their existing webmail accounts on SkyDesk Service, and manage all accounts simultaneously. These email accounts can be accessed through smartphones or off-site computers.

Contacts: contact management

Users can share contacts in their address book with other members within the organization, or use these contacts as customer data in other applications.

Chat: online chat

Users can quickly obtain confirmation or deliver brief notices online in real time.

Calendar: schedule management

Users can create their own calendar and share it with others to check double-booked appointments and reschedule.

Tasks: basic project management

In addition to managing their own To Do list, users can delegate tasks to other members with deadlines and manage the progress of those tasks.

Docs: online document sharing and management

Users can share various documents and files , and create a shared workspace exclusively for those involved to collaboratively edit documents.

Writer: online document creation

Users can create, edit and share documents online. This application makes joint editing easy with the chat and comment functions.

Sheet: online spreadsheet

Users can aggregate data and create charts online. Like the Writer application, they can use the chat/comment functions for collaborative editing.

Show: online presentation

Users can create, edit, share and post presentation materials online. They can also make a presentation to their customers in remote areas.

Notes: online notepad

Users can sort and manage notes online by categories, and also share them within a group.

Links: online link management

Users can manage website links online, and share them within a group.

Applications for sales and marketing

The SkyDesk Service provides two applications for sales and marketing; CRM and Cards. The CRM provides support throughout sales and marketing activities and Cards enables shared management of business card data. Coordinating the two applications allows users—even those who don't know where to begin with customer relationship management—to easily start from business card data management and ultimately develop a customer relationship management process.

CRM: customer relationship management

The application manages a series of sales procedures based on business phases; sales, marketing and customer support. Communications with customers, reference materials and tasks in each phase are handed over to the next phase to maintain centralized management of past developments. The application's reporting and dashboard functions allow users to create a report for each phase.

Cards: business card management

Users can easily register, manage and share business card data. Registration of a business card is simple: Scan a business card, and check/correct the text data converted by optical character recognition (OCR). Users can also register a business card by taking its photograph with a smartphone. Importing business card data into the CRM facilitates development of the customer relationship management process.

Paid services overview

SkyDesk Service also offers paid services that enable a more organizational communication environment on a larger scale.

SkyDesk Mail Standard (10GB / 15GB)

  • Allows an organization to increase its membership and manage its groups.
  • Allows increased email storage, which enables members to attach files to emails.
PlansFreeStandard 10 GBStandard 15 GB
Number of members 3 Up to 300 Up to 300
Number of groups in the organization 3 30 30
Email storage capacity 5GB/person 10GB/person 15GB/person

SkyDesk Cards Professional / Enterprise

  • More business cards can be stored across an organization.
  • Multiple business cards can be scanned together for batch registration.
PlansFree serviceProfessionalEnterprise
Maximum number of business cards to register per person Up to 50 Up to 1,000 Up to 3,000
Maximum number of business cards to share per organization - Up to 15,000 Up to 30,000
Organizational sharing - Available Available
Batch registration - - Available

SkyDesk Docs Standard / Premium

  • The file storage capacity and the maximum size per file are increased.
  • The work space, which is a file sharing cabinet, is increased, and the external sharing function is available, enabling to share SkyDesk Docs documents with those who do not have a SkyDesk account.
PlansFree serviceStandardPremium
Storage capacity 1GB/organization 5GB/organization 5GB/organization
Additional storage - 5GB/organizationNote1 5GB/organizationNote1
Maximum file size that can be uploaded 100MB/file 500MB/file 500MB/file
Work space 1 10 50
External sharing - Available Available
The storage capacity can be added in increments of five gigabytes.

SkyDesk CRM Professional / Enterprise

  • The number of CRM users and number of customer-related records are unlimited.
  • Includes additional functions to send emails to a group of customers registered to the CRM and to set workflow rules and escalation rules.
  • Users can create and manage quote, order and billing forms.
PlansFree serviceProfessionalEnterprise
Number of members of CRM Organization
Number of members of CRM Organization 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Marketing support
Email template Up to 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Email marketing
(mass email)
- 250/day 250/day
Email auto send - - Available
Inventory management
Product management, price list, quotations, invoices, etc. - Available Available
Storage capacity
Initial capacity / CRM Organization 100 MB 250 MB 500 MB
Additional capacity (1GB) / CRM Organization (Paid) Available Available Available
Data management
Number of records 100,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Data import
(number of records per import)
1,000 10,000 20,000
Workflow management
Workflow rules - 10/tag 30/tag
Escalation rules for inquiries - - Available
For each plan's details, see the comparison chart on the SkyDesk website:

How to Purchase the Paid Services

Via online with a credit card

List Prices

SkyDesk Mail

Product nameList price (inc GST 0%)Product Contract format
Australian dollarSingapore dollar
SkyDesk Mail Standard 10 GB $24 / user / six months $24 / user / six months Semiannual contract
(automatic renewal)
SkyDesk Mail Standard 15 GB $33 / user / six months $33 / user / six months

SkyDesk Cards

Product namesList prices (inc GST 0%)Product Contract format
Australian dollarSingapore dollar
SkyDesk Cards Professional $51 / user / six months $48 / user / six months Semiannual contract
(automatic renewal)
SkyDesk Cards Enterprise $123 / user / six months $120 / user / six months

SkyDesk Docs

Product namesList prices (inc GST 0%)Product Contract format
Australian dollarSingapore dollar
SkyDesk Docs Standard $135 / organization / six months $132 / organization / six months Semiannual contract
(automatic renewal)
SkyDesk Docs Premium $264 / organization / six months $258 / organization / six months

SkyDesk CRM

Product namesList prices (inc GST 0%)Contract format
Australian dollarSingapore dollar
SkyDesk CRM Professional $135 / user / six months $132 / user / six months Semiannual contract
(automatic renewal)
SkyDesk CRM Enterprise $318 / user / six months $309 / user / six months

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