Fuji Xerox Streamlines the Digitization of Information That are Hand-Written at Multiple Sites

Launches New Software to Support Data Entry by Denshi-Pen in a Distributed User Environment

December 27, 2012

Tokyo, December 27, 2012 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has launched today two software that are for use with the company's hand-written information input system, Denshi-Pen. The Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J Central Printing Option is for printing forms to be used with a Denshi-Pen in a multi-location setup, and the Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J Lite imports hand-written information written with Denshi-Pen into computers at each site.

Denshi-Pen is a user interface that consists of a pen and paper, common tools anyone can use. It easily and swiftly digitizes hand-written information without changing the operation of writing on paper, which is required at a client's offices, outdoors, factories, and other locations where a computer may not be brought in.

Currently, by utilizing the Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J launched last year, users can customize their existing forms into a format that can be used with Denshi-Pen, as well as to manage and print those forms. However, only the specific computer installed with the Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J and used for printing those forms was able to import information hand-written with Denshi-Pen on to those printed forms.

With the new Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J Central Printing Option, for example, Denshi-Pen forms can be centrally prepared and printed with the Option-installed computer at a customer's head office, and digital/hard-copy forms can be distributed to multiple remote sites. Hand-written information provided on these forms using Denshi-Pen can then be imported into computers at remote offices on which Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J Lite is installedNote1.

In business processes such as maintenance, inspections, application processing and summarizing survey results, hand-written information is regularly provided on inspection slips, application forms and questionnaires on-site and collected at multiple business sites for further processing. These new software streamline users' operations by allowing them to centrally prepare various forms and digitize hand-written information collected at remote offices for aggregation and management at the head office. This will reinforce corporate governance by the head office while reducing time and cost involved in data entry and lowering transcription errors.

Further, when combined with Denshi-Pen Form Solution SDK 1.0 J launched in June 2012, users can easily build a scheme for automatically sending digitized hand-written information from computers at remote sites to the head office.

Can also be done with Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J

Figure: Streamlining the digitization of information that are hand-written at multiple sites

List price

Product nameList price (before tax)
Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J Central Printing Option 98,000 yen
Denshi-Pen Form Solution 1.0 J Lite 14,800 yen


Only in Japan

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