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Launches a Facebook® Application, File Share Printer, for Print Anywhere Campaign

January 23, 2012

TOKYO, January 23, 2012 — For the limited time from January 23 to July 31, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. offers a cloud-based file sharing and printing service via a Facebook® application, File Share Printer, developed by Dentsu Inc. This is part of the Print Anywhere campaign to demonstrate Fuji Xerox's Net Print serviceNote1 that allows users to print images and documents they register online through multi-use copiersNote2 installed at Seven-Eleven stores across Japan.

File Share Printer is a free application that allows users to share files with colleagues and friends via Facebook® on computers or smartphonesNote3. Through the linkage between File Share Printer and the Net Print service, shared images and documents can be printed using multi-use copiers. With a Net Print user ID issued by Fuji Xerox, a user can create a shared folder of up to one gigabyte on File Share Printer, and invite the user's Facebook® friends to share files. Invited friends can share, upload and download the files as well as print them out at Seven-Eleven stores even without a Net Print user ID. The service frees users from location constraints, allowing them to adopt a new working style.

The Print Anywhere campaign taps into the features of Net Print to advertise and promote the use of the service, targeting sales representatives who are frequently out of the office for customer visits and business people who work outside of their home or office.

In recent years, the proliferation of computers/smartphones and enhancement of networking infrastructures/services have been driving the spread of various cloud-based services and social networking services. Fuji Xerox began offering the Net Print service in February 2003, and the cumulative total of registered users topped one million.

Note 1
A printing service that enables users to print data registered online with a multi-use copier at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide. The printing service meets a diverse range of needs through affiliations with third-party services. The print charge is required for the use of the service.
Note 2
Fuji Xerox's full-color multifunction devices installed at Seven-Eleven stores across Japan (approx. 13,700 stores), providing a wide range of services including color copying, fax, digital photo printing, ticket purchasing and Net Print.
Note 3
System requirements: iOS 4, Android® OS 2.2 or later

File Share Printer Facebook® page

File Share Printer application downloading sites

Net Print website

Overview of the collaboration of File Share Printer and the Net Print service

Service period

From January 23 to July 31, 2012 (limited time only)

How to use the service

  1. Before using the service, a user needs to sign up for a Facebook® account and register with Net Print.
  2. Once registered, the user can upload data up to one gigabyte per account to the File Share Printer server.
  3. The user can share uploaded files with his/her Facebook® friends, and customize settings, such as specifying files for sharing or not and designating friends to be shared with, for each of uploaded files.
  4. Friends can only access files that they are invited to from the owner for uploading/downloading.
  5. Shared files can be printed out through the Net Print service at Seven-Eleven stores across the nation.
    Printing is available for files of no more than two megabytes in size.

Sharable and printable file formats

  • Microsoft® Word 97 / 98 / 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 Japanese (with extensions .doc, .docx and .rtf)
  • Microsoft® Excel® 97 / 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 Japanese (with extensions .xls and .xlsx)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 / 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 Japanese (with extensions .ppt and .pptx)
  • DocuWorks Ver.3.0 or later (with extension .xdw)
  • XPS(XML Paper Specification) (with extension .xps)
  • PDF Ver.1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 (with extension .pdf)
  • JPEG (with extensions .jpg and .jpeg)
  • PNG (with extension .png)
  • TIFF (with extensions .tif and .TIFF)
Some files created with Office 2010 may be unable to be printed from the Net Print service.

Image of the service

(1)Facebook® page

File Share Printer application screen

(2)File Share Printer

Screen for Application registration

(3)Log-in screen with Net Print user ID authentication

(4)Creating a shared folder

Screen for inviting Facebook® friends and selecting a community

(5)File sharing

(6)Output instruction through Net Print

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