Launches SkyDesk Media Switch, a Cloud Service Linking Paper Documents to Multimedia

February 4, 2013

TOKYO, February 4, 2013 — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. today launched SkyDesk Media Switch, a cloud service that links paper documents to multimedia, for its customers in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama. The company will expand the offering throughout the country in stages.

Using Embedded Media MarkersNote1, a similar image search technology developed by Fuji Xerox's U.S.-based affiliate, FX Palo Alto Laboratory Inc., the SkyDesk Media Switch service provides a way to deliver multimedia content such as video and Web to smartphones.

When a user takes a picture of the Marker signified document patch with a smartphone camera, the media content associated with that part of the document is displayed on the phone.

This service enables companies especially specializing in the planning, creation, and printing of promotional collaterals to easily link paper documents and multimedia by simply specifying the location on paper and providing the appropriate link. Embedded Media Markers are nearly transparent and thus do not interfere the layout of the document. Users can easily create a document that links to multimedia content on site as long as they have print data (PDF), a networked PC and a printer, without having to significantly change their production flow. Thus, this technology allows for a new type of communication that combines paper and multimedia according to the type of operations involved and the content of the document.

At the same time, Fuji Xerox provides smartphone users with a dedicated application that enables them to view videos or Web contents by taking a picture of paper documents. As examples of this service in use, smartphone users can retrieve recipe ingredients or a video upon photographing a printed menu at a restaurant, or view a promotional video about the products by photographing a catalog or flyer.

Since 2011, Fuji Xerox has been providing SkyDesk Service to help customers improve their communications and collaborations in the office. The rapid spread of smartphones in recent years has boosted the penetration of video sharing sites such as YouTube, and businesses today increasingly use videos to advertise, publicize or describe themselves or their products. Also, ways of allowing people to view such videos anywhere at any time are being developed.

Considering these backgrounds, Fuji Xerox is expanding the scope of its SkyDesk Service to help customers upgrade their communications. Starting with SkyDesk Media Switch, Fuji Xerox will continue to utilize media-related technologies to offer value-added services in the Document Services & Communications area.

System overview of SkyDesk Media Switch

List Price

SkyDesk Media Switch Registration

Product NameList Price (before tax)
SkyDesk Media Switch Registration fee 128,000 yen

SkyDesk Media Switch Collection

Product NameList Price (before tax)
Continuous Use Collection (annual contract) 32,000 yen / month
Spot Use Collection (valid for two month, lump sum) 100,000 yen


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