Fuji Xerox Rolls Out New Brand Campaign in China Featuring Tony Leung

Accelerates Growth in the Chinese Market Along With the Launch of New Products

December 4, 2013

SHANGHAI, China, December 4, 2013 — With the launch of new products, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will roll out a new brand campaign on December 9 (from December 1 in some regions), mainly via transportation advertisement and the Internet in China's major cities. The campaign features Tony Leung, an international top star.

The campaign expresses that China is filled with colorful culture under the slogan, “Print Color.” Fuji Xerox will roll out the new campaign along with the launch of its new office use full-color digital multifunction devices—ApeosPort-V C and DocuCentre-V C series—which will launch today. The campaign aims to achieve wide awareness with the Chinese customers on Fuji Xerox providing technologies with high reproducibility of delicate and beautiful color tones, as well as its advanced eco technologies to meet the needs of document colorization in the Chinese Market.

By positioning its market as the growth engine of Fuji Xerox, the Company has been constantly making investments into China, and this marks the third year of conducting its brand campaign featuring Tony Leung.

Tony Leung has been establishing his career by winning the Best Leading Actor at Hong Kong Film Awards five times, which is the most in the Awards history, as well as the Best Leading Actor at 2000 Festival International du Film de Cannes for acting in “In the Mood for Love.” As an internationally popular star, he is renowned for his intelligence and subtleness, which matches with the brand image of Fuji Xerox boasting world-class technologies. He has been in the Company's campaigns in China since 2010.

By conducting this brand campaign in the booming Chinese market, Fuji Xerox aims to enhance awareness on the advanced office environment that it provides as well as on its corporate image.