The University of Tokyo Adopts Fuji Xerox's Video Indexing Technology, TalkMiner, for Its Regular Courses Online

March 24, 2014

TOKYO, March 24, 2014 — To enhance video searching function for the online lectures of the University of Tokyo, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., has offered TalkMiner Note 1, its video indexing technology, for “UTokyo OpenCourseWare” (UTokyo OCW)Note 2 developed and managed by the university.

TalkMiner analyzes videos online to identify specific presentation slide images and builds a search index from words on those slides, thereby enabling searches of videos without any metadata. It allows users to search specific scenes within lecture videos that contain key words by simply entering them and clicking the search button.

UTokyo OCW users can thereby view desired scenes of desired lecture videos by easily searching them from the numerous lectures registered on the system.

The University of Tokyo launched UTokyo OCW in 2005 with the aim of publishing its regular courses online for a wide audience both within and outside of the university. More than 1,200Note 3 lecture videos and course materials given by major professors of the university are currently available to the public. With such vast number of lectures offered, and each lecture being as long as 90 minutes, implementing an efficient search method for users to find lectures they are interested to see was a challenge. By adopting Fuji Xerox's technology, UTokyo OCW has achieved an enhanced search function and can assist users gain efficient access to lectures via the Internet.

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