VersantTM 2100 Press is Awarded the Good Design Award 2014

Recognized for its Design That is Harmonious With the Installed Environment

October 1, 2014

TOKYO, October 1, 2014 — Versant™ 2100 Press, the color on-demand publishing system developed by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., has been awarded the Good Design Award 2014 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The award was given for its compact body design that is harmonious with the environment in which it is installed, as well as for concentrating all of its operator-related principal features in the blue area for user friendliness, and for its overall decorum design.

Good Design Award 2014 logo
Versant™ 2100 Press Versant™ 2100 Press print server screen

Versant™ 2100 Press' compact body does not obscure the view of the installed environment as it was engineered to be approximately 50 percent compact in size and weight compared to the Company's existing productNote1. Versant™ 2100 Press is simple in design with its clean-cut, white body with a blue wave that embodies high-speed printing while also directing the operator to the control panel and other operator-related principal features.

In addition, the print server screen of the Versant™ 2100 Press was designed for easy control by any operator irrespective of their expertise. Its status display maintains productivity by instantly allowing the user to understand the current device status, the preview display facilitates fast, intuitive operations to implement the complex settings required to fine-tune the document in accordance with customers' needs, and a control screen that can be customized to fit the current project.

Versant™ 2100 Press was launched in MayNote2 of this year targeting the entry production color market.

  • Note1 Color 1000 Press
  • Note2 In Japan. Launch timing varies according to country.

About the Good Design Award

Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. Many companies and designers from both inside and outside of Japan participate in the activity to enhance the industry or the quality of life through the design. "G Mark," the symbol of the award has been recognized widely as a mark representing good design.

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