Fuji Xerox's Scan Translation Service Wins ASPIC Chairman Special Prize at ASP-SaaS-Cloud Award 2014

High Evaluations for Simple Translation of Paper Documents

October 22, 2014

TOKYO, October 22, 2014 — Fuji Xerox's Scan Translation Service, a cloud-based machine translation service, has achieved the ASP-SaaS-Cloud Consortium (ASPIC) Chairman Special Prize at the 8th ASP-SaaS-Cloud Award 2014 sponsored by ASPIC.

ASPIC, a nonprofit organization, grants awards to excellent and useful ASP-SaaS-Cloud services in Japan to support cloud-based business providers and users expand their businesses. The ASPIC Chairman Special Prize is given to services that are nominated by ASPIC chairman for their significance. Scan Translation Service was highly evaluated for realizing machine translation by simply scanning a document to print the translated document without changing the layout.

Scan Translation Service

Scan Translation Service is a cloud service that can function over the Internet through Fuji Xerox multifunction devices and PC web browsers. Enabling quick understanding of documents in foreign languages, Scan Translation Service facilitates global communications by streamlining the translation process when users need to grasp the gist of a document written in a foreign language to determine its importance or urgency, or to facilitate communications between people who speak different languages.

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