Fuji Xerox Develops Gold and Silver Toners for its New Production Printer, Color 1000i Press, Becomes Industry's First to Feature Both Toners

December 11, 2014

TOKYO, December 11, 2014 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has developed Gold and Silver Toners for use by the company's new production color printer, the Color 1000i Press, targeting the high-end professional printing market. The sales of the Color 1000i Press will begin on February 6, 2015 in Japan, and sequentially thereafter in Asia-Pacific regions including China. The Color 1000i Press becomes the industry's first xerographic production printer to offer both metallic gold and silver colors.

Color 1000i Press

Gold and Silver Toners Now Both Available for Xerography

The new Gold and Silver Toners–developed by applying the company's Emulsion Aggregation (EA) technology–are ellipsoid-shaped inks with the flat reflective pigments completely covered by toner particles. Orienting the reflective pigment particles in parallel to the print media allows the reflective pigments to reflect light after the image is fused onto the media; thereby achieving a metallic appearance. Further, the reflective pigments do not allow light to pass through, thereby enabling metallic printing on various mediaNote1. What has been conventionally made using offset printing can now be delivered through a single production printer, which improve workflows for printing companies while also contributing to expanding their businesses through widening printing applications with the Gold and Silver Toners.

The New Color 1000i Press Expands Creative Printing Potentials

Catalogs, direct mails, flyers, postcards and business cards are usually created in digital printing using only cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) colors. Now the Color 1000i Press and its specialty inks can add marketing effects and improve the value added to each print, such as giving them a high-class look and seasonal sense.

Inherits the professional functions of theprevious productNote3, offering print productivity of 100 prints-per-minuteNote2 with media as thick as 350g/m2.

Newly offers printing on dark-colored media.

Wider offerings of specialty dry inks with the introduction of the newly developed Gold and Silver Toners–in addition to the Clear Dry Ink already available with the previous modelNote3.

Fuji Xerox Technology Enhances the Productivity of Printing Professionals

Comes ready equipped with Full Width ArrayNote4 which automates printing adjustments, such as color calibrationNote5 and front and back alignment. This reduces the operators' workload and improves working efficiency in making printing adjustments.

Uses the PX 1000 Printer Server 3Note6, which enables digital data to be processing at higher speedsNote7 than the previous model thanks to the server's redesigned hardware and software. This ensures faster processing of high-volume and variable data.

  • Note1 Metallic reproduction varies depending on the type of paper. Some papers are not suitable for this printer.
  • Note2 Single-sided A4 long-edged printing.
  • Note3 Color 1000 Press
  • Note4 Full Width Array was optional for the previous model, Color 1000 Press.
  • Note5 Process to adjust colors by printing and measuring the special color chart to ensure color accuracy in the final printing.
  • Note6 Only available in Japan. Markets other than Japan use different servers.
  • Note7 Using Fuji Xerox test data. Comparison with previous model, PX 1000 Print Server 2.

List Prices

Product nameSuggested retail price (excluding tax)
Color 1000i Press 35,000,000 yen
PX1000 Print Server 3 10,000,000 yen
  • Note The above retail prices do not include the optional document feeder and output systems. The document feeder and output systems may be required depending on printing purposes and output quantity. The above prices do not include the options required for printing with the Gold Toner, Silver Toner and the Clear Dry Ink.

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