Fuji Xerox Globally Enhances Solutions and Services Targeting Small/Mid-Sized Businesses

New Entry-Model Multifunction Devices and Simple Solutions Contribute to Streamline Customers' Operations

October 6, 2015

TOKYO, October 6, 2015 – To globally accelerate its solutions and services targeting small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB), Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. launches a total of eight full-color and monochrome digital multifunction modelsNote 1 in the DocuCentre-V series in the Asia-Pacific markets starting with China in September, and four modelsNote 2 in Japan starting October 23, 2015.

By incorporating Fuji Xerox's latest controller software shared with the flagship models in the series' lineupNote 3 , the newly launched models are equipped with simple office solutions fitted for entry model multifunction devices. In addition to launching these products, the Company aims to contribute in streamlining the operations and solving the business issues of its SMB customers in Japan, Asia Pacific and China by strengthening the skills of its sales subsidiaries, agents and dealers in proposing solutions to their customers.

Further, on November 12, 2015Note 4 , the Company launches DocuWorks Tray 2, an optional software with enhanced features for delivery of digital documents on a virtual document tray on Fuji Xerox's document handling software DocuWorks, along with a new cloud service DocuWorks Tray Document Tracking Service that collects operation logs of digital documents delivered on a document tray.

Main Features of DocuCentre-V Series

Enhances user efficiency with mobile flexibility

The models support AirPrint, Google Cloud Printing and MopriaTM Print servicesNote 5 to enable printing from mobile devices without having to install a specific application. When equipped with an optional Wireless LAN Converter, the models can also be used with Wi-Fi Direct®, allowing mobile devices to be directly connected for convenient printing.

The new models work seamlessly with Fuji Xerox's cloud-based online document sharing service Working Folder so that users can view a fax, received at the office, on a mobile device while on field duties, enabling timely correspondence for enhanced business performance.

Offers simple work solutions with enhanced scan function

The Scan Delivery function simplifies typical scanning work that could be cumbersome. All users have to do is to press a pre-configured button for the applicable task, and the device names the scanned documents according to pre-defined rules and sends them to pre-defined destinations automatically. This eliminates cumbersome adjustments otherwise required, such as configuring different destinations and other settings depending on tasks, and renaming scanned files on computer.

Establishes flexible output environment to reduce total cost of ownership

The new models are equipped with Server-less On-demand Print feature, which transfers the document to be printed to an available multifunction device when the device which it is initially sent to is in use. Moreover, the Server-less Authentication feature allows users to authenticate themselves to use the multifunction device from any device that is connected to the same network, even in an environment without an authentication server. These functions save time in waiting for documents to be printed as well as preventing unnecessary print outs, thereby contributing to reduce customers' total cost of ownership while offering a convenient printing environment to SMB customers.

Main features of DocuWorks Tray 2 / DocuWorks Tray Document Tracking Service

DocuWorks Tray 2

In addition to delivering digital documents smoothly and intuitively on a document tray, a new feature now allows users to directly open them on a document tray. Previously, users needed to bring a document from a document tray to DocuWorks Desk to open it, but the latest version offers a smoother workflow by eliminating the task. In addition, a new broadcast function enables users to deliver a document to multiple receivers connected to a network by simply storing the document once in a document tray.

DocuWorks Tray Document Tracking ServiceNote 6

Users can keep track of where their DocuWorks files are by linking the cloud service DocuWorks Tray Document Tracking Service with DocuWorks Tray 2. This service collects operation logs of digital documents delivered on a document tray such as which document tray their files are currently stored in, as well as when, by whom and in which order their files were delivered.

For example, when delivering sales orders or internal application forms received by fax or in scanned format to the next process, users can operate intuitively using a virtual document tray and keep track of their work process in simple steps. The DocuWorks Tray 2 and DocuWorks Tray Tracking Service, when used together with Fuji Xerox's multifunction devices, can contribute to speed up customers' overall workflow and improve the quality of individual tasks.

  • Note1 ApeosPort-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060, DocuCentre-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060, DocuCentre-V C2265 / C2263
  • Note2 DocuCentre-V C2263, DocuCentre-V 3060 / 2060 / 1060
  • Note3 ApeosPort-V C7776 / C6676 / C5576 / C4476 / C3376 / C2276, DocuCentre-V C7776 / C6676 / C5576 / C4476 / C3376/ C2276
    ApeosPort-V C7785 / C6685 / C5585, DocuCentre-V C7785 / C6685 / C5585
  • Note4 Only in Japan
  • Note5 System in which a file on a mobile device installed with Mopria Print Service can be printed out from a Mopria-certified printer without having to install a device-specific or model-specific printing application.
  • Note6 DocuWorks files (.xdw,xbd,xct) only

List Prices

DocuCentre-V Series

Product NamesList Prices (before tax)Others
DocuCentre-V C2263 (Model-CP-1T) 890,000 yen Equipped with copy and print functions
DocuCentre-V C2263 (Model-CPFS-4T) 1,450,000 yen Equipped with copy, print, scan and fax functions
DocuCentre-V 3060 (Model-CP-1T) 930,000 yen Equipped with copy and print functions
DocuCentre-V 3060 (Model-CPFS-4T) 1,600,000 yen Equipped with copy, print, scan and fax functions
DocuCentre-V 2060 (Model-CP-1T) 850,000 yen Equipped with copy and print functions
DocuCentre-V 2060 (Model-CPFS-4T) 1,520,000 yen Equipped with copy, print, scan and fax functions
DocuCentre-V 1060 (Model-DC) 520,000 yen Equipped with copy functions
DocuCentre-V 1060 (Model-CPF) 770,000 yen Equipped with copy, print and fax functions

DocuWorks Tray 2

Product NamesList Prices (before tax)
DocuWorks Tray 2 / Single-license basic package 4,000 yen
DocuWorks Tray 2 / Five-license basic package 11,700 yen

DocuWorks Tray Document Tracking Service

Product NameList Price (before tax)Others
DocuWorks Tray Document Tracking Service 3,000 yen/month Monthly charge include 10 users
  • Note Mopria is a registered trademark of Mopria Alliance.
  • Note AirPrint is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  • Note Google Cloud Print is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.
  • Note Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

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