Fuji Xerox's Web-based Software Enables Efficient Document Management With New User Interface DocuShare 7.0

Allows Document to be Dragged & Dropped Through a Browser Without Plugin Software

December 17, 2015

TOKYO, December 17, 2015 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch on December 29 DocuShare 7.0, the new version of DocuShare, which is an web-based document management software that will streamline customers’ document management while improving operability thanks to an enhanced browser function.

By linking with various solutions and multifunction devices of Fuji Xerox including document handling software DocuWorks 8, DocuShare helps customers solve document-related issues such as search/management and the conversion of documents into electronic form. Utilizing Fuji Xerox’s technology and know-how accumulated in the field of document management, DocuShare 7.0 offers enhanced functionality including a new user interface realized by incorporating the web technology HTML5, thereby improving the efficiency of document management-related works, both inside and outside the customer's company.

Redesigned the user interface; improved operability and convenience

The user interface using a web browser has been redesigned into a new layout employing flat design, resulting in improved user operability and convenience. The design is simple and user-friendly, allowing use of DocuShare's advanced functions in an intuitive fashion without learning how to use it.

Advanced functions offered thanks to the adoption of HTML5

Following functions are newly available as DocuShare 7.0 now uses HTML 5 as its browser technology.

Drag & drop during browser use without any plugin software

Documents can be added to DocuShare 7.0 through dragging & dropping them from the personal computer's desktop onto the browser. This drag & drop operation does not require the installation of any optional plugin software like before, and is instead made possible by browser applications that are installed on all personal computers (PCs), thus reducing the workload of managing client PCs. DocuShare 7.0 also offers a function to simultaneously download multiple files by zipping them together.

User interface customization specialized for the documents managed

The collection function, which is equivalent to folders for managing documents, allows the user to control the types of documents to be registered to a collection, and to set and identify the document information which is to be displayed for the managed documents, making management more efficient. For example, when using DocuShare 7.0 to manage contracts, efficiency can be improved by setting the type of documents that can be added to "Contracts", and displaying related information such as "Contract Partner", "Contract Number", "Contract Starting Date" and "Contract Expiry Date."

Enhanced report function

Under the enhanced report function, the attributes of documents registered to a collection—such as contract date, contract number, contract company name and project name—can be displayed as a list. The newly added function to output them as csv data enables them to be used as ledgers. Furthermore, it is now possible to output a variety of reports on users/groups to support organizational transfers and operation management, so that the reports can be used as document lists for hand-overs when organizational/personnel transfers occur in the fiscal year transition. Administrators can use this type of report to more efficiently collect and analyze the information that is required for operation management, such as the number of documents held by specific users and document increase rates.

Enhanced processing functions

DocuShare 7.0 features an improved document routing function in support of document distribution and review by offering new functions to upgrade the versions of documents revised during a review as well as the publishing of the new version. It also features additional processing actions for its content rules functionNote 1, allowing automatic changes of access rights and more advanced processing, such as by having attributes that are set when registering documents on DocuShare reflected onto an external database. This enables automatic, regular operation processing, reducing human operation/management workload and speeding up operations.

  • Note 1 Content rules: this function allows using attribute information assigned to registered documents to automatically register documents to a specified collection, and to set attribute information on external databases. For example, the user can perform settings so that when a document whose circulation has been completed is registered to a collection, the comment "Circulation completed" will be registered among its attributes, allowing automatic processing.

Standard prices

Basic package product

Product namePrice (before tax)Notes
DocuShare Express 7.0 basic package license 200,000 yen Includes 10 client access licenses. Requires additional media fee.
DocuShare Express User 7.0 10 client access licenses 110,000 yen  
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