Fuji Xerox to Launch a Cloud Service to Support SMEs in Human Resource Development

SkyDesk Mixed Learning Offers Fuji Xerox's E-learning System With Educational Contents

January 27, 2016

TOKYO, January 27, 2016 - Responding to the gain of momentum claiming for a society where everybody can fulfill his/her potential, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. starts to offer the cloud-based SkyDesk Mixed Learning service that supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to build a human resource development system and to create educational contents.

Based on the human resource and education systems that Fuji Xerox itself has been utilizing and refining through trial and error, the SkyDesk Mixed Learning is a cloud service that SMEs can utilize with a small investment. With this service, user firms can execute the entire PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Action) cycle for human resource development-from the formulation of human resource strategies, provision of education, and fulfillment of job duties by trainees through to evaluation of the education program. It is composed of a web-based Human Resource Development Support System, an Easy Authoring Tool for the easy creation and editing of an educational content, and training content provided by Fuji XeroxNote 1.

Human resource development is an important management priority for all companies, and for SMEs as well, it has been increasingly important to educate individual employees on issues such as compliance in order to enhance corporate governance. However, it is said that Japan ranks at the lowest level among developed countries in terms of the amount invested by companies in educationNote 2.

Human Resource Development Support System

The system consists of a portal site and a learning management system (LMS) that enable users to manage and to utilize learning information. Companies can design training courses, create content, nominate trainees, set the training period during, evaluate the course, and also design face-to-face lectures.

Easy Authoring Tool

Equipped with Fuji Xerox's proprietary technology to easily record and deliver presentations, users can readily create an educational content using a computer and microphone by simply adding audio to educational slides. With this tool, anyone can create and revise an educational content in a timely manner without any special equipment or skills usually required to produce animated content. Compared to animated images, slides are also small in terms of file size-they can be viewed on computers, smartphones or tablets anytime, anywhere, in any communication environment, thus increasing convenience for users.

Fuji Xerox has been enhancing human resource development to nurture global human resources who can provide solution and services. In particular, since 2002, the company has been providing all its employees with e-learning in combination with face-to-face training, thereby helping them enhance their expertise, ability to solve problems, and general knowledge. As a result, the company has been successful in transferring technologies between generations in line with business strategies, building capacity according to the expected roles of each employee, and increasing basic knowledge about issues such as compliance and security.

Fuji Xerox's SkyDesk series is a set of cloud services designed especially for SMEs. Fuji Xerox will continue to provide cloud-based services to contribute to the growth of SMEs in the Document Services and Communications field.

Service Outline

  • Note1 To be provided by starting with the problem solving course for free of charge.
  • Note2 According to the results of an educational/training expense survey conducted by the SANRO Research Institute and labor statistics provided by the Statistics and Information Department, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japanese companies spend only half to one-third the amount spent by Western companies on employee education.


Initial fee

Product namePrices (before tax)
Initial settings fee 200,000 yen
Easy Authoring Tool 1 package 50,000 yen

Running cost

Product namePrices (before tax)
Mixed Learning basic fee 100 users 50,000 yen (per month)
Mixed Learning additional usage fee 100 users 30,000 yen (per month)
Mixed Learning additional usage fee 1000 users 150,000 yen (per month)
Mixed Learning additional usage fee 10000 users 500,000 yen (per month)
Easy Authoring Tool 1 package 50,000 yen
Easy Authoring Tool 10 packages 400,000 yen
Easy Authoring Tool 30 packages 900,000 yen
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