Fuji Xerox Greater China Operations President Masataka Jo Was Awarded Green China Annual Figure by Chinese Government

First Winner as a Foreign-owned Enterprise Executive and as a Japanese

July 11, 2016

BEIJING, July 11 2016 -Masataka Jo, executive vice president and director of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., as well as chief representative of Fuji Xerox China Business, was awarded 2014-2015 Green China Annual Figure, which is co-hosted by seven central government entities of China, given special support by United Nations Environment Programme. It is the top award set by the Chinese government in environmental protection field.

Through his long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and eco-friendly initiatives throughout the entire value chain, Jo has made contributions to environmental protection affairs and especially the development of recycling economy in China. The government, expert judges and the public recognized his efforts, and made him the first to earn the honor as a foreign-owned enterprise executive and as a Japanese.

Following Fuji Xerox's CSR concept-CSR is synonymous with corporate management-, Jo has been integrating business management and CSR for the past years. Strongly promoted and all along persisted by Jo, the Fuji Xerox affiliates in China have played their own parts in protecting the environment and resources by means of CSR initiatives throughout the entire value chain including green procurement, research & development for energy-saving products, zero emission during production, promoting eco-friendly products and solutions, the reuse of product parts and the recycling of materials.

With the resources becoming increasingly scarce and the environment pollutions getting more serious, the government and the public in China have been giving attention to measures of manufacturers on environmental management during production and the disposal of wastes. Fuji Xerox considers that the used products are not wastes but precious resources, and as early as 2008, it started operations of its integrated resource recycling plant in Suzhou, which is today still the only comprehensive recycling system in China. Aiming to achieve zero landfill, zero pollution and zero illegal disposal, Fuji Xerox collects used products and consumables from customers, and disassemble them to sort out the recyclable from the non-recyclable parts. Jo has always been keen on communicating the importance of environmental protection and resource recycling with employees, customers as well as partners, and contributed to the development of recycling economy.

Moreover, the three plants of Fuji Xerox in China successively achieved zero emission from 2004, and continuously conduct soil survey around the sites to ensure the biodiversity.

As a leader in the field of Document Services & Communications, Fuji Xerox not only develops energy-saving and eco-friendly technologies such as recycled plastic and EA eco toner, but also provides solutions and services that resolves customers' business challenges-the optimization of work flow, higher productivity, cost reduction, enhanced competitiveness, energy saving, green office, waste free-ultimately to help their business grow.

"This award is an honor for all Fuji Xerox staff," Jo said accepting the award. "It motivates us in the path of practicing CSR and green initiatives. Fuji Xerox will continue to make efforts to save resources and protect environment so as to contribute to the sustainable development of China society."

  • Note Green China Annual Figure is co-hosted by Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of the National People's Congress, Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio Film and Television, Central Committee of the Communist Young League and Environmental Protection and Green Committee of People's Liberation Army with special support by United Nations Environment Programme and is organized by China Environmental Culture Promotion Association, which has been successfully run for 7 years, with 8 to 10 people awarded every year, who make outstanding contributions to China environmental public welfare undertakings and arouse widely public attention, in order to encourage the public to jointly build a resource conservation-oriented and eco-friendly society. Green China Annual Figure is generated by experts' nomination, public announcement, voting by public judges and assessment and final approval by hosting institution.
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