Releases Four A4 Color Printers/Multifunction Printers That Link With Mobile Devices Targeting Retailing and Over-the-Counter Services

Good Design Award 2016 Winning, User-Friendly New DocuPrint Series Enable Uninterrupted Workflow

October 19, 2016

TOKYO, October 19, 2016 - To enhance its lineup of low-end printers, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will release DocuPrint CM310 z / DocuPrint CM210 z A4 color multifunction printers and DocuPrint CP310 dw / DocuPrint CP210 dw A4 color printers on November 21. Equipped with wireless LAN and near field communication (NFC) functions as standard, these products enable users to print documents simply by holding terminal devices that support these functions over the printers.

Retail stores and windows at dispensing pharmacies are required to update various types of documents in a timely manner. Linked with mobile devices, the new printers can be used to create, for example, price cards with information that need to be updated on a daily basis. Using their tablets, users can easily change the information on the cards and then print the updated cards via wireless LAN or NFC function by simply holding their smartphones over the machines.

Since the products are compactNote 1 enough to be installed in areas where space is limited such as behind counters, staff can output documents from the machines while remaining at the counter, supporting speedy services.

  • Note 1 420 millimeters (width) x 466 millimeters (depth). 503 millimeters (width) for the DocuPrint CM310 z / CM210 z

[Supporting operations on mobile devices through the use of NFC and wireless LAN]

Equipped with NFC function as standard, the new printers enable users to print or scanNote 2 documents simply by holding their NFC-supporting mobile devices over the machines using Fuji Xerox's free-of-charge application Print Utility for Android. The products are also equipped with wireless LAN function as standard and support Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint and Mopria Print. The printers also support the Google cloud printing service to enable users to print documents on cloud.

[Enhancing basic functions with newly developed technologies]

Both for color and monochrome printing, the printers can output up to 28 pagesNote 3 per minute (ppm), and are equipped with an automatic duplex printing function as standard. Furthermore, they are equipped with one-pass duplex scanning technology,Note 4 which allows scanning both sides of a document by passing it through only once. This technology enables scanning of as many as 44 ppmNote 5, which helps to increase work efficiency.

Additionally, by adoptingSuper EA-Eco TonerNote 6 whose particle size is among the smallest in the industry, very small and fine lines can be clearly reproduced. Being fused on the paper at a lower temperature, the toner is also energy-efficient. The image writing component is equipped with a highly efficient LED print head, contributing to compactness, power-saving with increased luminance and a high resolution of 1,200 x 2,400 dots per inch (dpi).

  • Note 2 Scanning is possible only with DocuPrint CM310 z and DocuPrint CM210 z
  • Note 3 For continuous one-sided printing of the same A4 document. 23 ppm for DocuPrint CM210 z/CP210 dw
  • Note 4 Only for DocuPrint CM310 z / DocuPrint CM 210 z
  • Note 5 Monochrome printing of A4 pages at 200 dpi (for one-pass duplex scanning)
  • Note 6 Super Emulsion Aggregation-Eco Toner

[Good Design Award 2016 winner]

The new printers won the Good Design Award 2016, which is hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Fuji Xerox development team conducted a study of how printers are typically used in small offices, and designed the models based on the premise that one printer is usually shared by multiple staff members and that its basic functions are used repeatedly.

The printers have been evaluated for their design based on the concept of smooth, uninterrupted workflow and for the pursuit of usability. This concept is realized by their adoption of a user interface that informs users of the necessity to supply paper and replace consumables with LED light and pleasant sound, as well as by color touch panels that can be tiltedNote 7 allowing to be set at an angle suitable for the printer location, and equipped with a new user interface for flick operations.

  • Note 7 Two models (DocuPrint CM310 z/DocuPrint CM210 z)

[List Prices for the printers/multifunction printers]

Product namesList prices (excluding tax)
DocuPrint CM 310 z 124,800 yen
DocuPrint CM210 z Open price
DocuPrint CP310 dw 89,800 yen
DocuPrint CP210 dw Open price

[AvailabilityNote 8] Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China

  • Note 8 Product names differ depending on countries and areas.
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