Fuji Xerox Announces Production Printers to Meet Diversifying Finishing Needs of On-demand Printing

Versant 3100 Press and Versant 180 Press

October 20, 2016

TOKYO, October 20, 2016 - Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. launches two new production printers -Versant 3100 Press for the entry production color market, and the Versant 180 Press for the light production color market. The printers will be available sequentially form late October in China and the Asia-Pacific regions, and on November 1 in Japan.

Combined with the newly developed optional Finisher D6 and other finishing lineup, Versant 3100 Press and Versant 180 Press will meet finishing needs in both variety as well as quality, such as when making booklets. With their same high quality printing performances as the previous modelsNote 1, the new printers aim to contribute to the further popularization of print-on-demand.

Compact new finisher

Finisher D6 features a compact body that is 85 percentNote 2 the volume of the previous modelNote 3, allowing it to fit in limited office space. Although compact in size, it offers a range of standard finishing functions such as a stacker and stapler. Punching, cover page insertion, paper folding, and saddle stapling functions are also available by combining with other optional finishers.

Professional quality in creating automatic saddle stitched booklets

High-quality booklets can be automatically created by connecting the newly developed Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker, Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D1, and SquareFold Trimmer D1 to the printers. Conventionally, designing/printing booklets required extra attention such as specifying white margins or not placing images on the crease to avoid toner breakage. The top and bottom trimming function provided by Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D1, and the face trimming function provided by SquareFold Trimmer D1 enable full-page layout design on a two-page spread.

Also, Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D1 makes a crease on pages prior to folding them into a booklet, preventing toner from cracking and ensuring a beautiful finish. Up to five creases can be added to a pageNote 4, and they can be either a mountain or valley fold. This contributes to expanding print applications by enabling the creation of complicated booklets such as accordion-fold or gate-fold booklets.

Improved controller functions

The Print Station software installed on the GX Print Server printer controller has been updated to version 1.6. By being equipped with the latest RIPNote 5 technology APPE3.9Note 6, finer gradation can be printed as well as providing improved operability; accelerating the print on demand procedure through improved image quality and operational efficiency.

Inhering the print performance of the previous models

Versant 3100 Press, an entry model for the professional printing market, continues the high productivity of its previous modelNote 7 by offering 100 ppmNote 8 productivity, 2,400 dpi fine resolution, and extensive paper handling capability ranging from 52 to 350g/m2. Automatic image control with the in-line sensor also reduces operational load.

Versant 180 Press, a light-use model for intra-company printing, also retains features from its previous modelNote 9, including 80 ppmNote 10 productivity, 2,400 dpi fine resolution, and extensive paper handling capability ranging from 52 to 350g/m2. It is also equipped with Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) to reduce operational load and a series of office-use functions, including security using an IC card for copying and scanning, and the GX Print Server bypass for quicker printing of office documents.

A pioneer in manufacturing print-on-demand printers, Fuji Xerox will continue to contribute to expanding customers' businesses through its extensive support services provided by knowledgeable sales representatives and wide-ranging product lineups.

  • Note 1 Versant 2100 Press and Versant 80 Press
  • Note 2 Finisher D6 dimensions and volume: 855 W x 725 D x 1200 H mm, 0.75 m3
    Finisher D4 (previous model) dimensions and volume: 1045 W x 725 D x 1165 H mm, 0.89 m3
  • Note 3 Finisher D4
  • Note 4 Applicable to 157 to 350g/m2 paper
  • Note 5 Raster Image Processor
  • Note 6 Adobe PDF Print Engine
  • Note 7 Versant 2100 Press
  • Note 8 When using 52 to 300 g/m2 A4 paper
  • Note 9 Versant 80 Press
  • Note 10 When using 52 to 200 g/m2 A4 paper

[List Prices]

Main unit

Product nameList Price (before consumption tax)
Versant 3100 Press (GX Print Server Model) 19,880,000yen
Versant 180 Press (GX Print Server Model) 8,725,000yen
  • Note Prices represent the smallest system configuration.
    Versant 3100 Press (GX Print Server Model) includes the printer, GX Print Server, Offset Catch Tray, and Offset Catch Tray Enabling Kit.
    Versant 180 Press (GX Print Server Model) includes the printer, GX Print Server, Offset Catch Tray, and Offset Catch Tray Fan Kit.

Finisher D6 and other relative products

Product nameList Price (before consumption tax)
Finisher D6 530,000yen
Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker 710,000yen
Inserter D1 200,000yen
Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D1 1,980,000yen
SquareFold Trimmer D1 1,480,000yen
Folder Unit CD2 700,000yen
Interface Decurler Module D1 (Versant 3100 Press) 400,000yen
Interface Decurler Module D1 (Versant 180 Press) 350,000yen
Punch Module 2/4 60,000yen
Punch Module 2/3 60,000yen
  • Note Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

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