Fuji Xerox Announces 16 Multifunction Devices Based on Smart Work Gateway Concept to Innovate Business Processes

ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C Series Links With Various Cloud Services

November 15, 2016

TOKYO, November 15, 2016 – To realize its new Smart Work Gateway concept, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. announces 16 models of digital color multifunction devices—eight models for each of ApeosPort-VI C and DocuCentre-VI C series—which have evolved to link with its own and other companies’ cloud services, as well as to give users a whole new experience in device management. The new models will be sequentially available starting from December 1 in Japan, Asia-Pacific and China markets.

ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C series are one of the components that constitute the Smart Work Gateway concept—which enables each user to achieve high business performance and supports diverse working styles. In aims of supporting businesses with their work process reform efforts, the new models link organically with various cloud services as an information portal, thereby creating an open communications environment suited to each need. Moreover, the new models provide a new user experience through which several multifunction devices can be configured and simultaneously managed in a flexible manner, helping to make a reality of enhanced productivity among workers.

A new platform to link with various cloud services - Cloud Service Hub

In order to create a communications environment that improves productivity in the workplace, the ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C series have newly adopted the Cloud Service Hub—a platform that links multifunction devices with various cloud services. Through the Cloud Service Hub, Fuji Xerox's multifunction devices can be connected to multiple de facto standard cloud servicesNote1. Users can log into the cloud services with a single sign-on and can scan/save documents to the cloud as well as to make printsNote2 of documents from the cloud. Also, Documents can be cross-searched across the cloud services linked to the Cloud Service Hub, thus contributing to business process improvement.

In addition, documents stored in the enterprise content management platform Box can now be printed not only in the workplace but also at convenience stores and from multifunction devices in public placesNote3 thanks to a new linkage function between Box and Fuji Xerox’s cloud service, Cloud On-Demand Print. This feature supports diverse ways of working whether, for example, the user is going straight home from outside the office or teleworking.

  • Note1 Box®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, Google Drive™, OneDrive®, SharePoint® Online, Fuji Xerox Working Folder
  • Note2 Please check the Japanese Fuji Xerox website for details about which type of documents can be printed
  • Note3 Multifunction devices connected to Net Print service and Public Print service

Industry's first: consolidated installation of apps to multiple multifunction devices and easy device management - Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console

Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console is a free software that enables users to purchase, download and install apps for multifunction devices from the Fuji Xerox Direct—a portal site that provides Fuji Xerox's various Internet services—from client PCs in a centralized mannerNote4. Apps that expand the functions of multifunction devices or connect the devices to cloud services can be easily installed just by dragging and dropping, while also displaying the status of the apps' license use at a glance. As the Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console is used from a PC, multiple multifunction devices can be simultaneously managed and configured, providing rapid adaption in the event of sudden changes in operational flows; enabling a working environment to be flexibly created and offering a new user experience.

  • Note4 Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console can be used to install apps for the following multifunction devices: ApeosPort-VI C7771 / C6671 / C5571/ C4471 / C3371 / C2271, DocuCentre-VI C7771 / C6671 / C5571 / C4471/ C3371 / C2271.

Evolved multifunction device—new toner, industry's fastest high-speed scanning in its class, and easy-to-access help

The new Super EA Eco toner, which grain is one of the smallestNote5 sizes in the industry, enables smoother recreation of half tones, while fusing at a temperature approximately ten degrees Celsius lower than conventional toners, thus contributing to energy saving efforts.

The high-end modelsNote6 have improved scanning productivity, achieving 270 pages of duplex scanning per minute—the industry’s fastest in its class. Bulk scanning of large volume documents can be efficiently done as the new multifunction devices scan the front and back of double sided documents in a single scan.

Moreover, help information has been prepared in the cloud server, so the latest information is always displayable on the control panel of the multifinction devices or on mobile terminals.

Please refer to the Japanese Fuji Xerox website for more precise information on the ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C series of products.

  • Note5 Multifunction devices as of product launch in November 2016
  • Note6 On the ApeosPort-VI C7771 / C6671, DocuCentre-VI C7771 / C6671 using Fuji Xerox standard paper (A4) 200 dpi to mailboxes.

[About Smart Work Gateway]

Smart Work Gateway is a concept by Fuji Xerox that leads office work to a new stage by realizing flexible and diversified working styles so that each business individual can exercise high performance. Smart Work Gateway builds a secure yet open communications environment where people can foster mutual understanding by collaborating with cloud service partners and offering various communication tools tailored to suit each need. Under this concept, Fuji Xerox will strengthen not only its existing service with kintone of Cybozu, Inc., but also with other cloud service partners such as Concur Japan, Ltd. and Sansan Inc.

The business community faces the challenge of enabling flexible, efficient working styles to achieve work-life balance. Amidst significant advancement in ICT innovation including cloud services and mobile technologies, Fuji Xerox believes that the key to balancing work and life is to boost the productivity of work processes by enabling an easy access to ever-increasing data and the efficient use of the necessary information anytime, anywhere and in the required format. Based on the Smart Work Gateway concept, Fuji Xerox innovates office work to help businesses reform work style.

[ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C Series List Prices]

Product NamesList Prices (before tax)Others
ApeosPort-VI C2271 PFS 2,300,000 yen Equipped with copy, print, scan and fax functions.
One-pass duplex scanning.
ApeosPort-VI C3371 PFS 2,580,000 yen
ApeosPort-VI C4471 PFS 2,930,000 yen
ApeosPort-VI C5571 PFS 3,280,000 yen
ApeosPort-VI C6671 PFS 4,350,000 yen
ApeosPort-VI C7771 PFS 4,590,000 yen
ApeosPort-VI C3371 PFS-2TS 2,460,000 yen
ApeosPort-VI C5571 PFS-2TS 3,160,000 yen
DocuCentre-VI C2271 P 1,250,000 yen Equipped with copy and print
functions. No duplex scanning.
DocuCentre-VI C2271 PFS 1,850,000 yen Equipped with copy, print, scan, and fax functions.
One-pass duplex scanning.
DocuCentre-VI C3371 P 1,530,000 yen Equipped with copy and print
functions. No duplex scanning.
DocuCentre-VI C3371 PFS 2,130,000 yen Equipped with copy, print, scan and fax functions.
One-pass duplex scanning.
DocuCentre-VI C4471 PFS 2,480,000 yen
DocuCentre-VI C5571 PFS 2,830,000 yen
DocuCentre-VI C6671 PFS 3,900,000 yen
DocuCentre-VI C7771 PFS 4,140,000 yen
  • Note Prices do not include options or consumables.
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