Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Debuts Digital Label Printing Business with Durst Tau 330

April 11, 2017

SINGAPORE, April 11, 2017 - Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. announces that it is entering the growing digital label printing business by expanding its suite of product offerings with Durst Industrial Services Pte. Ltd.'s Durst Tau 330 series, one of the world's leading ultraviolet (UV) digital inkjet label presses.

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific will provide digital label printing solutions with the Durst Tau 330 to meet customers' increasing demand to convert time-consuming print jobs run on conventional presses into profitable print jobs. The Durst Tau 330 UV digital inkjet printer prints images on the substrate by exposing its ink to UV light, which dries the ink almost immediately. This allows it to print directly onto various substrates quickly, including heat-sensitive films and labels. As the UV ink dries faster than solvent ink, the digital UV inkjet technology built into the system meets the need for efficient printing.

The Tau 330 series delivers sharp, precise, and durable print quality at a high speed for today's most demanding print applications. Through Durst's single-pass UV inkjet printing technology with dual printhead architecture, it prints in full color at a high speed of 37 linear meters per minute while printing in the highest print resolution in UV inkjet label printer class of 1,260 dots per inch, in high definition mode.

"This partnership between Durst and Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific is a perfect fit for two market leaders," said Helmuth Munter, segment manager, Labels and Package Printing, Durst. "Fuji Xerox is a leading company in the Document Services and Communications field and Durst is a leading manufacturer of professional digital imaging systems. Together, we aim to expand our market in Asia Pacific through the vast network of Fuji Xerox to provide added values to customers in the region."

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific has an exclusive distributorship with Durst, the leading provider of digital UV inkjet label press in Asia Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), while it has non-exclusive distributorship in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Steve Ford, general manager, Production Sales & Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, said "As packaging and label markets are linked to consumer spending and population growth, it is a key printing segment with great potential. Today digital printing has limited penetration in this segment, however, as it advances globally and the demand for traditional printing tapers off, many of our existing customers are rapidly diversifying and are looking to us for a reliable and comprehensive solution. This partnership will help our customers expand and grow their business in the label and packaging segment of the industry."

About Durst Tau 330 Series

The Durst Tau 330 series comprises the Tau 330, an entry-level Tau 330E, and an optional inline Laser Finishing System 330.

Durst Tau 330 handles:

  • Industrial and security type labels, durable electronics and automotive labels, labels for paint, specialty food & beverage, body & health care and household products
  • Printing on aluminium foils for blister packs
  • Using Tau low migration UV inkjet ink, primary food packaging printed on heat sensitive film and aluminium lids (such as yogurt and canned food)
  • Late-stage versioning of pre-printed jobs on pre-die-cut label stock (blank labels)
  • Variable data jobs containing variable/sequential numbering, text, barcodes, matrix/QR codes, and images

InfoTrendsNote 1 estimated that the value of print from color digital label presses in Asia Pacific, including Japan and China, was about USD 457 million in 2015. InfoTrends forecasts that the print value-the billings from digital label converters among their customers-will reach USD 1.185 billion in 2020, reflecting a 21 percent compound annual growth rate.

  • Note 1 InfoTrends is a market research division of Keypoint Intelligence that reports on the world markets for digital printing technology.
  • Note Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

About Durst:

Singapore-based Durst Industrial Services Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Durst Phototechnik AG.Durst Phototechnik AG is a leading manufacturer of professional digital imaging systems. The company has manufacturing facilities in Brixen, Italy, and Lienz, Austria, and has major offices in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Singapore. Durst's reputation for quality, precision, innovation and reliability spans more than 80 years.