Fuji Xerox Customer Value Innovation Center Becomes the First to Acquire the New Digital Printing Certification of the Japan Color Certification System

Acquires the New Certification as well as Helps Customers Acquire the Certification to Further Vitalize the Digital Printing Industry

May 30, 2017

TOKYO, May 30, 2017 – Fuji Xerox’s Customer Value Innovation Centernote1 has become the first to be certified with the new “Digital Printing Certification”—a new certification system launched in May of this year as part of the Japan Color Certification programnote2, organized by the Japan Printing Machinery Association, in aims to further promote digital printing. Customer Value Innovation Center is a facility located in Minatomirai, Yokohama, Japan, where visitors can see, feel and experience innovation in communication.

Based on Japan Color2011note3, the Digital Printing Certification examines and certifies digital printing plants on their ability to conduct printing workflow to achieve color approximation (color reproduction), by examining one digital printing press that is setup at the printing plant. In a preliminary review process, the ability to conduct a preflight checknote4 with the printing data is examined. Following the preliminary review, a colorimeter is used to quantifiably measure the difference between printouts from an applied digital printing press and colors defined by Japan Color. When a printing press passes these checks, the entire printing plant where the examined printing press is set up becomes certified as Digital Printing Certified Plant. To acquire this certification for the Customer Value Innovation Center, Fuji Xerox’s administration using the Color 1000i Press was judged.

Further, if a customer using Fuji Xerox’s production printer seeks to acquire the Certification, its system engineers are ready to provide the “Color Workflow Operation Startup Support Service” to assist in necessary equipment adjustment and operations.

Although demands for digital printing are on a rise, printing companies did not have any certification system for proving their digital printing capability to clients. By acquiring the Digital Printing Certification, printing companies can externally appeal that it has digital printing processes and quality compliant with the Japan Color Certification program, thereby strengthening clients’ trust.

Fuji Xerox took the initiative in acquiring this certification in order to prove its own ability to administrate efficient and stable digital printing process, and propose those to customers thereby standardizing the digital printing processes to further contribute to the vitalization of the industry.

Fuji Xerox will continue to contribute to our customers’ business expansion in the digital printing market.

  • Note1 Located in 3-6-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Note2 A certification program, in compliance with ISO international standards, using the Japan sheet-fed printing colors (hereinafter “Japan Color”), which sets the standard in color values for sheet-fed offset printing in Japan.The Japan Color certification program consists of “standard printing certification,” “matching certification,” “proofing administration certification,” “proofing equipment certification” and the new “digital printing certification” launched in May 2017. http://japancolor.jp/ (Japanese only)
  • Note3 Abbreviation of the “ISO-compliant Japan Color Sheet-Fed Printing 2011” http://www.jpma-net.or.jp/company/jc2011.html (Japanese only)
  • Note4 Pre-printing check performed to ensure that all printing data, including fonts and images, is output properly
  • Note Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

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