Fuji Xerox Launches Production Cockpit 3.0, a New Version of Integrated Workflow Software to Promote Printing Business Transformation

Integrated Management of Offset and Digital Printing Through Enhanced Automation and Visualization

September 3, 2020

TOKYO, September 3, 2020 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will launch the latest version of the integrated workflow software—Production Cockpit 3.0—in Japan on September 17, 2020. Production Cockpit improves productivity and processes of printing companies with a single user interface (UI) by centrally managing systems and equipment of various manufacturers in the printing process, to enable printing companies to turn their factories into a Smart Factory.

Enhanced functions include integrated management of offset and digital printing, automated scheduling of all equipment such as printer and pre/postpress machines, and the visualization of operation results.

Evolution of Integrated Management of Offset and Digital Printing

Production Cockpit 3.0 will further advance the integrated management of offset and digital printing by linking with Fujifilm’s next-generation workflow system XMF, which manages the prepressNote1. XMF’s features such as impositionNote2 function for the prepress process, status confirmation and result input functions in the printing process are now available for use through Production Cockpit 3.0.
Strengthening the process management function of offset printing as well as digital printing will establish a workflow that seamlessly utilizes both printing methods, boosting the productivity of printing operations and improving business operations.

Workflow Through Link with XMF

Automation and Optimization of Scheduling for All Equipment

The improved automated scheduling function for all equipment such as printer and pre/postpress machines enables automated scheduling in accordance with the number of prints and processes, as well as the operating status and processing capacity of each device. In addition, even after automated scheduling is set, scheduling can be manually adjusted according to operating conditions, thus enabling flexible operations. Furthermore, an optimal scheduling function has been newly added to Production Cockpit 3.0. By pressing the optimization button after automatic scheduling is set, users can see multiple recommended schedules that are shown based on parameters such as the total production time and equipment operation time. From the suggested schedules, users can select the best schedule based on the priority of each parameter. By automating and optimizing the scheduling tasks which previously had to be performed by skilled operators, efficient printing will be achieved.

Aggregation and Visualization of Operational Performance Data

Production Cockpit 3.0 is equipped with a new dashboard function that can aggregate and visualize the actual operation data of equipment, such as printer and pre/postpress machines. Displaying a breakdown of the number of orders per customer and the operating status of each device helps users make prompt management decisions by grasping order and production status. Through the link with external business intelligence (BI) tools, it can be used to further improve operations by analyzing operational performance data in detail.

Dashboard Function

In the printing industry, the difficulty of securing human resources and pass on specialized skills is on the rise, while there is a need to respond to increasing demand for a wider variety of printing in small lots in shorter delivery times. Under these circumstances, it is essential to improve productivity and operations, and the integrated management of the entire printing process is a step toward business transformation. Fuji Xerox aims to support customers to transform their printing environments into a Smart Factory through the provision of integrated workflow software in addition to printing equipment.

  • Note1 Prepress: Submitting the data, imposition, and preparation of printing plates
  • Note2 Placing multiple pages on one plate in consideration of post-processing procedures such as printing and binding
  • Note Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. will be changing its corporate name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. as of April 1, 2021.

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