Engagement with Employees

1. Introduction

Human capital is the property of Fuji Xerox. We believe that to remain sustainable, a company needs to take a leading role in responding to societal changes and to employ a diverse range of employees with a variety of personal characteristics and backgrounds, each one of whom is self-reliant and proactive, and motivated to repeatedly take on new challenges.

Fuji Xerox will continue developing its human resources, providing an environment that will empower all employees to think and act on their own and strive for growth and change.

2. Organizational Culture

Measures to Enhance Employee Satisfaction (ES)

Since 1978 Fuji Xerox has been conducting questionnaire-based employee morale surveys (now referred to as ES surveys). Fuji Xerox uses its own original attitude survey questionnaire developed jointly with Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc., aiming to gain an accurate understanding of individual employees’ attitudes and values with regard to the Company and their work in order to reflect these in the way the Company is managed. Fuji Xerox is currently conducting these surveys annually as a companywide initiative, having extended them to cover all affiliates and sales companies in Japan, as well as Operating Companies overseas.

The survey is centered on the following five categories of "core morale": work satisfaction, workplace satisfaction, satisfaction with superiors, satisfaction with personnel management, and satisfaction with organizational management. Questions relating to these categories are supplemented by questions on how well the employees understand and are practicing the Company’s corporate direction, as well as questions on their attitudes toward Fuji Xerox’s Shared Values. Fifty of the questions in the survey are identical for Fuji Xerox itself and for its affiliates and sales companies across Japan. In addition, there are questions designed specifically to address the characteristics of each company or business unit, relating to such issues as harassment, work-life balance, and diversity. The survey also includes a comment section for employees to respond in their own words.

In 2001 Fuji Xerox started conducting the Employee Motivation & Satisfaction Survey(EMSS)at Operating Companies overseas, with the same aims as in Japan. In fiscal year 2016, we updated the survey, renaming it the Regional Employee Engagement Survey, to make it possible to not only survey employees’ satisfaction internally, but to also compare the results with levels of employee satisfaction at other companies in each country. The results of the surveys are relayed as feedback to employees via the company intranet and each business unit, and are used as important information for setting the corporate direction and for resolving workplace issues in each business unit.

3. Employee Development
4. Appraisal, Promotion, and Compensation
5. Safe Work Environments
6. Work Style Innovation
7. Diversity and Inclusion

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