Initiatives to Ensure Diversity

As markets spread across the entire globe and as society and markets develop, a company’s competitiveness will be determined by its ability to ensure diversity in its workforce and effectively deal with market diversification.

To develop individuals who can contribute to the globalization of our business and to the development of our company’s service businesses, Fuji Xerox is promoting a number of measures that include:

  • Actively hiring and appointing a diverse range of employees
  • Preparing and maintaining flexible working arrangements to help these employees deliver their full potential
  • Encouraging employees to participate in training in business skills essential for globalization of business and development of Fuji Xerox’s service businesses
  • Supporting employees to increase contact with society at large to gain acute awareness of the constantly changing social needs and reflect that knowledge to their operations.

Expanding the Role of Women

Fuji Xerox strives to hire human resources capable of respecting diversity and actively assign women with the aim to become a company that can demonstrate the abilities of its employees regardless of gender, nationality or disabilities.

Our focus is not just on proactively promoting women to executive and management positions, but on exerting much effort in the development of the human resources to become leader through times of changes, regardless of gender. This will be achieved by providing opportunities to gain the experience employees need to demonstrate leadership qualities from their younger years and to develop the skills and thinking needed to earn promotions to management positions.

Percentage of Women in Executive and Management Positions (2011)

  • Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated)…3.3%
  • Affiliates in Japan…1.9%
  • Overseas affiliates…25.5%

Employment of People with Disabilities

With the objective of realizing a workplace for attaining self-actualization and organizational culture that encourages employees with and without disabilities alike, Fuji Xerox is promoting employment of people with disabilities and creating a work-friendly environment.

The ratio of employees with disabilities at the end of fiscal 2011 remained of 2.19% of the workforce at Fuji Xerox alone and 23 of 41 domestic sales companies and affiliates achieved the statutory employment rate.

In the future, we will pursue further efforts to comply with the statutory employment rate, scheduled to be revised during this fiscal year. Specifically, we will move ahead with efforts including horizontal deployment of best practices to encourage employment of people with disabilities to sales companies and affiliates that have yet to achieve the statutory employment rate. While promoting understanding of diversity at each workplace, we will strive to develop workplace environments and expand the types of jobs available so that people with disabilities can thrive in the workplace.

Percentage of Companies That Have Achieved the Statutory Employment Rate for People with Disabilities

  • Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated)…100%
  • Affiliates in Japan(Two out of seven companies)…28.6%
  • Domestic sales companies(21 out of 34 companies)…62.0%

Development of Global Human Resources

Fuji Xerox is expanding sales in Asia-Pacific markets and is supplying products worldwide through Xerox Corp., Xerox Europe, and OEMs. To accelerate these activities, we are securing and training employees to deal successfully with the globalization of our businesses.

  1. Tripling the number of employees dispatched from Japan for overseas business training from roughly 10 per year to roughly 30 per year
  2. Systematically rotating key human resources at overseas affiliates to Fuji Xerox or affiliates in Japan for human resource development