Engagement with Employees

7. Diversity & Inclusion

Fuji Xerox’s Approach to Diversity

One of the 10 Shared Values that Fuji Xerox emphasizes as a company is Cultural Diversity. The businesses of Fuji Xerox and its affiliated companies has spread globally. Our customers and markets are diverse, and the people with whom we work reflect that diversity. Respecting diversity is therefore essential, not least because it allows us to transform the individual strengths of individuals with a variety of backgrounds into great strength as a company. We will contribute to create prosperous societies by providing new value out of relationships that offer mutual learning and inspiration.

In concrete terms, we will accept and respect each other’s diversity, engaging in debate to assimilate diverse values whenever necessary. Such diversity may relate to self-identity—including age, race or ethnicity, nationality, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity—as well as to values—including abilities, experiences, knowledge, and the accompanying points of view. In order to accept and respect diversity in this way, it will be important for everybody working at Fuji Xerox to maintain high moral standards and understand the fundamental concept of respect for human rights in order to show such respect through their own behavior. This commitment to respecting fundamental human rights is set out in the codes of conduct of the Fujifilm Group and Fuji Xerox. Further details are available in All Fuji Xerox Code of Conduct and All Fuji Xerox Code of Conduct Guidebook.

Fuji Xerox’s Diversity Policy

Fuji Xerox’s promotion of diversity is based on respecting, accepting, and utilizing a diverse range of personal characteristics as an indispensable element of enhancing its ability to compete, and we regard this as one of our most important business strategies. Accordingly, Fuji Xerox will redouble its efforts to pursue the following initiatives:

  1. Pursue work style innovation so that a diverse range of personnel can perform to a high level
  2. Assimilate a diverse range of knowledge to enable better business decisions
  3. Acquire and utilize outstanding personnel
  4. Provide society with products and services that deliver new value

Specific Initiatives

Fuji Xerox is putting the above policy into practice by focusing on initiatives such as the following:

1. Empowering a diverse workforce to thrive within the company

Recognizing that a company depends on its people, Fuji Xerox is making improvements to enable all personnel inside and outside Japan to thrive. To that end, we are enhancing our provision of training, systems, and programs to maximize individual and organizational growth, and making use of strategic personnel placement on a global level. In addition, since 1978 we have been conducting employee satisfaction surveys as a means of quantitatively assessing the engagement of Fuji Xerox employees. We use analysis of these surveys to improve our organization and our workplace culture.

2. Promoting diverse work styles and generating innovation for our customers and society

At Fuji Xerox we actually try out various work style models and verify their efficacy before offering them as service options for customers. Examples include methods for achieving high productivity through mobile working and use of satellite offices, or improving information-related work efficiency through document sharing. We also aim to involve a diverse range of individuals in generating innovation by proactively offering opportunities for our customers and partner companies to collaborate with us in investigating and developing methods for solving issues and new ways of doing things. We aim to use such opportunities to provide diverse forms of value, not only for Fuji Xerox itself, but also for our customers and society as a whole.