Employment and Working Environment

Our Concepts on Human Resources/Ideal Model Employees

Fuji Xerox and its affiliates strive to maintain and improve competitiveness by offering flexible employment arrangements to suit the nature of the work content by our employees and their expected roles.

The total workforce in Japan increased slightly due to expanded rehiring of employees who had retired after reaching mandatory retirement age. In the Asia-Pacific region, we responded to market growth and increasing production volumes by increasing the numbers of production personnel and numbers of sales employees, chiefly in China and Australia.

Total number of employees (Fuji Xerox and affiliates)

Number of Employees by Country/Region
Changes in Number of Employees by Country/Region fiscal 2009 fiscal 2010 fiscal 2011
Japan 26,742 persons 27,091 persons 27,174 persons
The Pacific etc.
17,554 persons 20,088 persons 23,104 persons

Initiatives for Employees Not under Direct Employment

Fuji Xerox and its affiliates are moving forward to ensure strict compliance with laws and regulations and to ensure effective use of human resources, which constitutes our most valuable management resource, for employees engaged in work through various contractual arrangements, including temporary staff and subcontracted staff.

We have moved forward with efforts to ensure the workplace suitability of temporary employment contracts and subcontracts including responding to changes in legislation, basing our decisions on the standards in the Compliance Guidelines applying to Fuji Xerox and Fuji Xerox affiliates.

With the obligation to undertake management based on stricter standards, we will proceed to create systems that ensure the compliance and suitability in activation of all employees of Fuji Xerox and Fuji Xerox affiliates, by continuing education and awareness-raising activities, with the ultimate goal of fostering awareness of legal compliance among workplace leaders.

Increase in Employee Satisfaction

Fuji Xerox is conducting a questionnaire-based “Morale Survey” for all employees since 1978.
This Fuji Xerox-original awareness survey was developed in collaboration with Fuji Xerox Learning Institute with the purpose of grasping the attitudes and sense of value of each employee concerning the company and their own work, achieving the management goals and reflecting deployment measures of the company.

The survey items consists of the five specific areas of Work Satisfaction, Workplace Satisfaction, Level of Confidence in Superiors, Level of Satisfaction with Personnel Management, and Level of Satisfaction with Organizational Management, referred to collectively as “core morale.” In addition, the survey includes questions concerning attitudes toward What We Value, which is espoused share value for both Fuji Xerox and its affiliates, and questions concerning measures and policies such as career development, harassment, and work-life balance. Furthermore, there are questions regarding the spirit toward the challenge to growth and changes, and Employee awareness reforms. There are a total of 60 common questions, and a comment area for freely writing opinions is also provided.

We perform a detailed analysis of the survey results and provide feedback to our employees. We then devise improvement measures required in each workplace based on these results in order to pursue further increased employee morale and implement improvements from the viewpoint of the whole of Fuji Xerox in order to become an excellent company for our employees as well.

Percentage of Companies Surveying Employee Satisfaction

  • Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated)…100%
  • Affiliates in Japan…100%
  • Overseas affiliates…90.5%

Multi-word analysis chart(sample)